5 Airbnb amenities for you and your guests

5 Airbnb amenities for you and your guests

If you want to improve the chances of your short-let flat getting rented, you will need to revise the amenities and services you provide. This is an absolute must. Guests want more and more services that help with their rental experience. This goes on to say that all amenities you provide that are more than 3-years old are a no-no. they must be disposed of. The following have become essential in your flat at the turn of the new era of short-letting, as done so by many landlords in 2016!

Airbnb amenities for guests

#1 Keyless entry
At the moment, this is the most popular hi-tech gadget for short-let houses. It is ideal for hosts and guests alike for the following reasons:
With these electronic locks, you can easily unlock your door with a code or even with your smartphone.
With an app, you can allow guests with smartphones to open the door of the flat without having the need to search for a potentially lost key.
When their stay ends, this permission granted to the guests expires and you don’t need to be worried about keys lost, duplicated, damaged, or not returned.

#2 Pay TV
Do guests want at least one quiet evening on the sofa with a bucket of popcorns and an episode of their favourite Series on Netflix? The idea sounds amazing. We all know how Netflix has changed the way we see television. We have the full control of all the contents we watch and the number of shows available is impressive. Therefore, imagine your guests get home in the evening after a hard day of walks, museums, and attractions. If you were walking in their boots, I’m sure you would surely want to watch the next episode of your favourite TV series you just started, the very moment you get home.

#3 Smart Home Devices
Not only keyless entry. Hi-tech gadgets for houses are everywhere.
The new generation of thermostats, for example, create perfect temperature conditions for guests before they arrive. Moreover, you have the option of saving some money by regulating the temperature of your flat at any given time. Intelligent safe energy solutions are a standard in these devices.
Another good example is smart fire alarms: with an SMS these systems can inform you if there’s a fire had caught on in your flat.

#4 Things to get around with
Traveling quickly and freely is an incentive you can provide to improve the stay of a guest.
You could easily store bicycles in the basement of your flat, which the guests can access to get around during their stay.
Offering and economically sound and quicker means of transport to guests is surely a plus.
Your guests will definitely appreciate it and, and you are covered by the deposit for any damage that can be caused.

#5 City Relay
We offer personalised and intuitive, great services to improve the stay for your guests. Providing great Guest experience is interwoven in the very fabric of the services we provide/.
For example, we take care of your guests 24/7, welcoming them professionally for the whole of their stay by providing check-ins, check-out, cleaning and maintenance of your property. Finally, our Guest Services team handle all the communication with guests in order to satisfy every need they may have. Try us and you will understand the difference between managing on your own and managing your rentals and guests with City Relay.

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