Not only homes: Airbnb reveals the new Experiences feature

Not only homes: Airbnb reveals the new Experiences feature

Last week Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky revealed the next step of the company. The new feature called Experiences, perfectly integrated on the mobile app will change completely the way people see Airbnb: Born like a home-sharing service only, it’s now a complete platform that offers every tool travellers and hosts need.


After many rumours, Airbnb finally revealed Trips, a new feature that comes with an app update. This all-new feature is developed in order to offer to Airbnb users many services on one channel.
“Trips” is composed of 3 key functionalities: Experiences, Places and the more known Homes (the company announced that more functionalities will be added in the future, like flights).
With this new feature guests can easily organize activities during their stay, but also for hosts advantages are great…

Airbnb experiences feature

“Experiences” is the first of the 3 functionalities and probably is the most interesting. Here one example to understand how it works.

Your guests booked your Airbnb in London and ask some suggestion for some extravagant activities. With the new app, in the Experiences section, you will find many amazing activities. How about the burlesque art? Bettsie, in Camden Town, offers a 3 days burlesque course in a group of 8 people. Interesting, isn’t it? And every day more Experiences are added.

If you are a host, you can contact Airbnb offering your personal activity. If it’s good, you can start with the approval of Airbnb. The average income for each activity is £200, so it represents an interesting source of revenues.

In addition, creating your own Experience has many other advantages. For example, the visibility of your listing is higher than a normal listing because it’s averted on a special channel in addition to the normal Airbnb website.

Finally, it’s amazing the idea to display every experience with a personalized trailer and poster, like a real Indiana Jones film, in order to increase the “adventurer” aspect.

Airbnb experiences feature

The second new feature is called Places and it’s available for every person that book an Airbnb. With Places, guests can discover hidden and suggestive spots in the city they are visiting, in order to choose an alternative trip instead to a classic city tour.

The great idea behind this feature is that every Place is a suggestion of local hosts that consequently he knows very well the city and its secrets.

In addition, Airbnb is now partner with Detour, in order to offer local audioguide to discover many areas around the world in an original and authentic way.

Airbnb experiences feature

There’s more
With Trips, Airbnb moves its attention from the virtual world of online bookings only to the real life. From now, it organizes many meetings and parties in the main cities like London for every Airbnb users, in order to le Cialis est il rembourse share their Airbnb experience.
In addition, this kind of events can be organized also by local businesses in order to have more visibility in a world more and more globalized.

Airbnb experiences feature


With this update, Airbnb reinvents itself keeping the original aim of the sharing economy.
Here at City Relay, we are thrilled about these new features because they offer many new opportunities for hosts.
For example, from now, you could organize some profitable activities for your guests during your free time while we manage your Airbnb so you don’t have to worry about it. Check-in, check-out, cleaning, linens and towels, guest support 24/7, maintenance and more Airbnb services in London are no more a hassle with us. You can relax and start thinking about your own Experience!

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