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It’s not easy to ensure the security of your Airbnb flat while you are away, especially when you have lots of guests coming in. However, there are some effective solutions to prevent thieves and ill-intentioned guests from taking advantage of the situation. Follow these 5 City Relay tips to your ultimate flat security!


#1 Use smart locks

Smart locks are really convenient when you receive lots of different groups, as you can change the lock code between guests to increase the security of your flat. You can also track the codes which were used to open your door. Moreover, it will prevent you from very common and annoying issues such as key loss or guests who sometimes locked themselves out. From now on you won’t need a locksmith anymore and you will be able to sleep soundly, knowing intruders won’t enter your flat! 

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#2 Install a security camera

For obvious security and privacy reasons, as a host, you are not allowed to implement cameras inside your flat. However, you can still put some outside which will dissuade burglars from coming in. It will also most definitely make your guests feel safer! 


#3 Take care of your mail

It is important to have someone coming regularly to collect your mail, otherwise, ask your post office to keep your mail while you’re away. If people notice that your mail piles up on your property, it could become a target for thieves, as they will understand that nobody lives inside for the moment. Even if you have guests inside, it is never the right message to send. Moreover, your mail can provide a wealth of information to ill-intentioned people: your bank account details, health security numbers, etc, you don’t want this kind of information to fall into the wrongs hands! 

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#4 Protect your prized possessions

Investing in a safe box is always a good idea, as it will prevent curious guests from looking into personal details ( birth certificate, financial papers, health documents,…) and will protect your valuable items in case a burglary happens. A great security measure for your valuable items! 


#5 Choose your guests carefully 

As an Airbnb host, not only do you need to protect your flat from thieves but also from ill-intentioned guests who could look as well into your personal stuff. A good way to dissuade troublemakers from renting your flat is by asking for a flat security deposit. Learn more tips on how to screen your guests by reading our article How to prevent troublemakers from booking your flat?“. 

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Willing to short let your flat but afraid of burglaries? We can help! At City Relay we will take care of your flat as if it were our own. Thanks to our security processes and our experienced staff, your flat will be in good hands! Interested? Becoming a host is quick and easy, simply click the button below and fill out your details to view your property’s earning potential!

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