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In today’s post, we have decided to address our fellow entrepreneurs and companies. Indeed, City Relay aims at helping you manage your properties as well to become more efficient while saving time, money and making the economy of scale. Here is why and how we do it.


As a short-let management company ourselves, we understand the necessary elements required to support homeowners whilst renting out their homes on Airbnb, Booking.com and Homeaway. Synchronicity is key when services such as guest checkin/checkout, property cleaning, waste disposal and the provision of fresh linen and amenities all need to be organised at specific times to make sure the property is ready for the next guest. Therefore, it is clear that working with several contractors to provide this comprehensive service at a consistently high quality has become both time consuming and costly.

That’s why City Relay has become London’s leading all-in-one short-let operations provider, already supporting several rental management companies in producing tailored hospitality packages. In the infographic below we break down some of these issues and provide an estimate on how much you could save. 



Interested in how we may be able to support your short-let operations? Simply email our dedicated team at info@cityrelay.com or alternatively call on +44 20799 35693.


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