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City Relay’s operational expertise allows the company to provide services to other large players in the industry and support their business. Here is a simple explanation of the services we provide to our fellow entrepreneurs.

What is City Relay?

City Relay's warehouse - Where the magic happens

City Relay is a short-let property management company operating in London. We are proud to be one of the largest short let management providers in London, managing over 450 properties across the city. Over the past 12 months, we have increased our bookings and our turnover by over 60%.

On average,  we have over 3500 nights booked per month which corresponds to a large hotel property.

City Relay has become a leading provider of vacation rental services to other players in the industry as well thanks to our B2B services.


How operations are run in the industry: a struggle for most players

Two mens working

Running operations in this industry can be a struggle. In opposition to hotels, cleaning and maintenance have to be managed across different locations in the city and for most of the players in the industry in different countries!

The same applies with check-ins. In order to be able to operate effectively, industry players have to outsource the core of their services.


Operations at City Relay

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At City Relay all our operations are run internally. This is possible thanks to our proximity to the properties we manage. Our warehouse allows us to be quick and efficient in our cleaning and maintenance work. Our Reception desk, located in Earls Court, is hugely beneficial for both our hosts and guests. The hosts are able to leave their keys with us in a safe and secure location with the knowledge that the keys will only be handed out in person by our professional team. The reception desk is beneficial for the guests as they are able to come and collect the keys to their property, benefit from personal recommendations from our team and leave their luggage free of charge.


How we can help other industry players

City Relay has been running operations internally since 2015. With 3 years of experience, we are able to offer our services to other industry players and help them carry out their operations seamlessly. Our operations team is trained to respect the standards of a 5 stats hotel and thus is able to respect our clients’ individual standards in order to provide them with a tailored service.

We’re able to provide tailored packages to each of our clients including branded welcome packs, check-ins fitting their own standards etc.

Here is our hospitality package:

3 Tea – Joe’s Tea
4 Coffee Capsules – Cru Kafe 
Instant coffee sachets (in case of absence of Nespresso Machines)
Liquid Coffee Creamer
2 Washing machine tablets
2 dishwasher tablets
Tea towels
1 NUXE Toiletry kit Per bathroom ( soap, shampoo, shower gel, conditioner and Body Lotion) 
2 3 ply toilet paper rolls, per bathroom/Toilet
1 Kitchen paper roll
TimeOut Magazine
2 bottles of water – Belu water 
Welcome Cards and other branded Materials.


Working with global players

City Relay has been working with one of the large players in the industry for a year, we execute the operational aspects of managing their properties in line with their own standards. This client operates in over 35 cities. Having a local partner running operations has proven hugely beneficial as we are able to run the operations to their individual high standards in a much more efficient and time effective manner.


Do not hesitate to get in touch with us and discover how we can help and support your business. 

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