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1.1 You acknowledge that as a Guest you do not have the right to cancel a booking for any reason under consumer law. However, you are entitled to cancel Bookings in accordance with and subject to this paragraph 1.

1.2 You may request a cancellation of your Booking by emailing us at reservations@cityrelay.com or phoning us on +44 (0)20 7993 0610, subject to clause 1.3 and 1.5 below:

1.3 The minimum notice period for cancellation of any Booking that will apply to you (the “Minimum Notice Period”) will be the Minimum Notice Period selected by you at the time of Booking. The standard Minimum Notice Period is 14 days before your occupation of the property is due to commence, unless otherwise stated at the time of Booking.

1.4 Standard Cancellation Terms: Should you cancel your reservation within the cancellation terms, you will be refunded the rental fee in full. In case of any cancellation after the 14 days prior to arrival, the rental fee will be lost. You may cancel without any penalties, should you cancel your booking with 24 hours of booking confirmation.

1.5 If you vary the rental period or property, this will constitute a cancellation of the Booking, unless we notify you otherwise.

1.6 We offer limited refunds to guests for bookings which are cancelled, as stated in paragraph 1.5, in order to compensate the Host who may be unlikely to receive another Booking for the relevant property and dates.

1.7 In the unlikely event that a Host cancels your Booking, or the Property is unavailable due to an emergency, we will communicate this to you and use reasonable endeavours to help you find an alternative Property, if available. If you agree to such Alternative Accommodation, you acknowledge that the Booking will be cancelled and you will enter into a new booking in respect of the Alternative Accommodation selected. If we are unable to find you Alternative Accommodation, or you do not want to book Alternative Accommodation:

1.7.1 We will not take any further payments from you in respect of the Booking.

1.7.2 If you have already paid any amounts in respect of the Booking, we will refund them to you.

1.8 Full pre-payment is taken upon booking.

1.9 The check-out time at the Property is as notified to you prior to you making a Booking and as stated in the Occupation Agreement. Unless you have agreed a late check-out with us or extended the Rental Period, you will be liable for a full day’s Rental Fee for any occupation of the Property after the check-out time.

1.9.1 If you remain in the Property for more than 3 hours after check-out time without authority then we reserve the right to enter the Property, remove your luggage, and change the locks to the Property. We also reserve the right to take any other action that may be necessary and to charge you for the costs of that action.