Have a clean house for your Airbnb guests!

Have a clean house for your Airbnb guests!

You are an Airbnb host, and you love it so far! But there is a small thing you would gladly get rid of cleaning. No one enjoys cleaning after other people, but as an Airbnb host, it’s not an option! Here are the things you have to think about between two bookings to make sure your house will be perfect for the next Airbnb guests.


#1 Clean the hidden spots of your home

When you clean, do not forget the hidden spots! You may think your guests won’t see them, but the experience will prove you wrong. So don’t only do the minimum, it will never be enough! Clean behind your bed, clean the windows more often than once a year,… Moreover, it will take you less time to do those things regularly than once every three months!

#2 Restock the house

Did you have guests last week? They probably used the products you gave them, so don’t forget to restock everything! And if your guests told you they thought something was missing, try to buy some for the next guests, it might help you get better reviews on Airbnb! If you don’t want to invest too much, simply inform the guests, so that they don’t find out when they arrive.


#3 Don’t forget the outside!

Do you have a garden or a terrace? Clean it! People always seem to forget that outside is a room too. But your guests won’t, on the contrary! And when the will review you, they will mention it for sure. Don’t make a rod for your own back!

It’s not a lie, listing on Airbnb takes time, and it’s not hassling free. City Relay is here to help you make the most out of your Airbnb experience! We’ll take care of everything for you, and we’ll take care of cleaning your flat!! Moreover, we have an in-house team, so you really have nothing to worry about!

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