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The challenge

Nick came to City Relay, wanting the best for his property; a service he can trust while away on business, that can deliver better occupancy than the previous short let management company. We were sure we could match Nick’s expectations, with our across the board 80% occupancy levels and provide the reassurances that his property would be managed correctly.

The process

To reach Nick’s expectations we needed to implement a number of action points. We firstly took a look at his profile and listing, improving the attractiveness of the copywriting and quality of photos. This gave his home a new look and breath of fresh air, which would better draw the eye of the London traveller.

We then sought about promoting the property on our global distribution channels, providing much needed exposure and reaching audiences that may not of seen the listing in the past. Finally, since its location was in a vibrant area and close to our reception desk, we have the local expertise and his guests have the advantage of easy check-in and check-out, creating a smoother and happier process.

The reservation platform is very convenient to take a look at my bookings and the cleaners are truly professional! City Relay has been doing a fantastic job.

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