How to avoid negative reviews on Airbnb

How to avoid negative reviews on Airbnb

We have been through what to do when you receive negative reviews on Airbnb already. But wouldn’t it be better to avoid them? You’ll say it’s impossible to have zero bad reviews, that guests have too many demands. Here are a few tips to try and stop them anyway, because we’re like that 😉


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#1 Be 100% truthful

This one seems easy. But when you find yourself in the need to be better than the competition, a little lie doesn’t seem that big of a deal. Well… It is! You need to be honest in your listing and with your guests because it’s the only way they will trust you. If they have a problem, they’ll be less inclined to accuse you if they feel like it’s not your fault. Moreover, accuracy will also save yours from malicious guests.

Airbnb is based on a trust system: truth will lead to satisfying guests, leading to good reviews, leading to more bookings, leading to more satisfied guests,… See where we’re going?

#2 Communicate with your guests at all time

Check on your guests regularly to make sure everything is going fine, especially in the first 24 hours, so they don’t fill out a complaint. If you can’t be physically present, be connected to your mailbox at all time: not responding fast is often worse than the problem itself. Good hosts even share information with their guests before they arrive to clear expectations and improve the stay before it even begins! Communication is the key. Something change in your flat? Call your guests and be honest about it.

#3 Get a Suggestion Box

A suggestion box might just be what you need to

prevent your guests to leave bad reviews. First, they will already have expressed their thoughts and they’ll be unconsciously less inclined to express them again. Second, if they only want to be heard, giving them a way to privately express their thoughts will be enough for them.

Still,  please take into consideration what your guests have mentioned to you as you won’t avoid bad reviews forever!

Here, you’ve got a good basis on how to avoid complaints becoming negative reviews. Obviously, even super hosts can’t avoid bad reviews forever, but putting every chance on your side is a good way to minimize risks! It can be hard sometimes to handle everything, from guest support to cleaning. City Relay provides 24/7 guest support, guest communication, check-in/check-out, housekeeping and maintenance. We manage your Airbnb property so you don’t have to!

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