How to be a better Airbnb host

How to be a better Airbnb host

We know when traveling, feeling at home is what we all want. So, helping your guests feel this way should be a big priority. But nothing comes easy, so how do you make the hard work easier? We offer a few tips from our years of experience of managing over 300 properties.

Putting a name to a face –

It was found to be a big plus when hosts are able to meet guests at the property. Guests are able to ask questions and the host is able to give a tour of the flat explaining where the amenities are located. It is also a way to ensure that guests will be respectable and follow any of the house rules, which helps you rest easy at night, knowing your property will be safe during the duration of their stay. We do understand that sometimes this isn’t possible, as most hosts have jobs or other engagements, but we highly recommend it over other options such as a lockbox.

All day, all night… –

Being available 24/7 can be quite a challenge, although it is what your guest often need, want and deserve from a rental service. At times emergencies will occur that can’t be helped, such as the hot water stops working late at night or false fire alarms early in the morning and you have to be available as a host or provide details on what guests should do in these situations. Having a contact list to communicate with the host, emergency contacts (Ambulance, police, etc…) is essential. It can be meticulous but necessary work to keep your guests happy and feel safe in your property.

Making your home a home-

For every guest, you need to make sure you have the basics and ideally more throughout the property. Nowadays guests need WIFI (With a good internet connection which should not cut out). Having fresh smelling clean linens are always a must (Towels, tea towels, bed linens). In the bathroom, having a sufficient amount of amenities such as toilet paper, towels, shampoo/conditioner and body wash are added bonuses. Many hosts also provide tea/coffee, bottles of water and make basic snacks available. A hairdryer, iron, heater/air conditioner are your added extras.

Adding that wow factor can be done by providing luxury toiletries, high-quality towels, ergonomic and comfy furnishings, having a selection of books and magazines, and maybe even Netflix on the TV.

Making your property stand out with your guest, creates “wow” reviews that influence future guests to stay. What if we told you we had a way to make it easier, with less hassle and more happy guests.  Learn more about our services by getting in touch! 

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