How to be a host on Airbnb when you are not a landlord

How to be a host on Airbnb when you are not a landlord

You would like to rent out your flat on Airbnb when travelling but the problem is that you are a tenant. Should you inform your landlord? Most people don’t even bother to ask. Well, it’s a bad idea! You might end up losing a lot, you could even get evicted. Here are our advice on how to handle this situation with your landlord.


#1 Put yourself in your landlord’s shoes

If he is doing long lets, it’s probably because it’s a low risk and modest source of income. Imagine your tenants asking you to let a large number of strangers come in and out, only for their benefit. Not as easy on this side: too much risk and still a modest source of income.

#2 Reassure your landlord

How can you reassure your landlord? cialis traitement quotidien Tell him about the host guarantee, that will compensate potential damages made by your guests. Tell him about the verified ID system and that you can only

host people you feel comfortable with. But more important, build together your Airbnb profile: are smokers, pets and parties allowed? what is the minimum length of stay and how many guests can come? how much is going to be the security deposit?

#3 Offer him something

Asking him to do something risky that only you will benefit from… Not the best idea! He needs to gain something of this arrangement. Why not extend the lease? Offer a % of you Airbnb earnings? Or maybe pre-pay the rent up front? Find together a common ground you feel comfortable with.

In the end, you mostly need to prove to your landlord his opinion matters and you’ll be respectful of it. Explain why it’s a good thing for both of you! But if your landlord isn’t receptive to this idea, you can find out what their legal counsel is. Basically, if there is an opportunity to make more money, and is within the local laws, it is much harder for a landlord to say no. Hosting is not that easy, even before the start. And with your landlord watching you, it’s trickier to be perfect all the time. Well, let us help you, we’ll take away all the hassle!

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