How to optimize your ranking on Airbnb

How to optimize your ranking on Airbnb

You list your property on Airbnb but you despair to rank higher? Do you really do what’s need to be done? Airbnb is like any search engine and has a search ranking algorithm: respect the rules, and you’ll optimize your ranking on Airbnb every day!

#1 Have a listing of quality

You want people to click on your listing page? Well, once again, have nice pictures! You want them to stay on your profile? Update your calendar so

that it highlights upcoming events, it will make it more interesting for guests. Besides, don’t forget to make it easy for guests to book: complicated will drifted them away! All of these are easy, and very effective ways to improve your search ranking!

#2 Share your listing

Even though a quality listing is important, it’s not really useful if nobody sees it. Promote your listing on Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter or Google+ will help your booking to be found by the search engine and will rank higher on Airbnb. It’s not a lot to do, but it can greatly help you!

#3 Be competitive

Many people first came on Airbnb because it was cheaper than hotels. You may love your flat and have an idea of its value, but if other flats in your area are cheaper for the same apparent quality, guests won’t hesitate. You need a competitive rate, so compare what you offer to other listings. It’s true that it’s not easy to find enough, so it may save you time to use a smart pricing software. City Relay partnered up with OutSwitch to make it as easy as possible for you!

#4 Have a good response time and rate

Airbnb’s search ranking algorithm is based on numerous things, but response time and response rate are the most important. You not only need a 100% response rate, but also a fast response time. For instance, don’t take more than 24h to respond to an inquiry. Avoid bad marking by checking your email regularly!

#5 Have 5 stars reviews

A lot of excellent reviews is the best for a good ranking. However, it’s not that easy to get 5 stars reviews. You need to deserve them! No one will judge you as much as

your guests. Always be at there disposal, before and during their stay.

We know it is not always easy: time difference, work, or simply an emergency,… Sometimes it can be tricky to handle everything.

That’s why City Relay was created: we manage your short-term rentals so you don’t have to! We handle everything, from guest support before the check-in and during the stay, to the cleaning after the check-out. Tempted? 😉

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