#CR stories: Meet a City Relay host – Roxana

#CR stories: Meet a City Relay host – Roxana

Would you like to know what it’s like to be a City Relay host? We have interviewed Roxana, who has been with us since 2017. Read all about her experiences below.

Lukáš: First of all, thank you, Roxana, for sharing your hosting experience with us!

Roxana: You’re very welcome Lukáš.

Lukáš: To begin with, could you please tell us a little bit about yourself?

Roxana: Of course! I am a Londoner and a loving mother of 2 children. When I got married in 1991, I moved to Bangladesh but returned in 2015 as my daughter started her University studies here. Nowadays, I live in both countries, travelling between them a few times a year.

Lukáš: Did you use your home in London as a source of extra income before you started to short let with City Relay?

Roxana: Yes I did. Before I moved back to London, I had rented my apartment on long lets through an agency. It was a comfortable way to earn money from my empty property.

Lukáš: Why did you decide to do short lets and how did you hear about City Relay in the first place?

Roxana: Because I was flying between the two countries more regularly, it would have been nearly impossible for me to do long lets, so I looked for other opportunities to maintain the extra income I had. I heard about City Relay and their short let management services from my neighbour, who back then had short let her property with yourself for a year and recommended me to try it as well.

Lukáš: Did you have any concerns before putting your home on the vacation rental market?

Roxana: I admit I was a little worried. I heard the horror stories about Airbnb guests and the trouble some of them cause, so didn’t want that… Also, in 2016, I finished renovating my apartment and I was afraid the guests could cause some damage, spoil my furniture and decorations and ruin my work. One of my biggest concerns was that my guests could be too noisy, but none of my neighbours have complained so far! I must knock on wood as everything has gone well.

Lukáš: How has hosting with City Relay been for you so far?

Roxana: City Relay had always been very attentive to every question I had during the initial stages. They clarified the system as I didn’t know how it worked and explained how they vetted the guests as well. Also, the guest team has been very good at dealing with any issues my guests would have. I’m happy that City Relay has been managing my property, there’s been lots of positive reviews from guests and I feel my home is very secure.

Lukáš: What do you see as the biggest benefit in hosting with City Relay?

Roxana: I do enjoy the immediate answers to my queries. Also, I appreciate your vetting system as you’ve been able to prevent troublemakers from staying in my apartment. This is my home and I do worry about it when I’m away.

Lukáš: Are you happy with the reviews you received from your guests?

Roxana: Yes I am. Only once I was slightly annoyed when one of the guests actually looked into my storage area and complained that my personal things were stored there. I read the review and immediately phoned City Relay to talk this through.

Lukáš: How long will you be short letting your home in 2018?

Roxana: In 2018, it will total 3 months, from October to December.

Lukáš: How would you compare short letting with City Relay and your previous long let experience?

Roxana: I didn’t have any hassles with renting my property on long lets either as I did it through another good agency. Also, I had a guaranteed income each month. On the other hand, with City Relay, I tend to earn around 20-30% more per month for the times that my calendar is open. With short lets, one can be more worried as there is the danger of having inconsiderate guests who could damage my property and disturb my neighbours. But, I’m happy to short let with City Relay, who have been doing a great job of managing my home.

Lukáš: How do you find our reservations platform? Is it easy to you check your income and bookings on?

Roxana: The reservation platform is very clear and easy to use. I always check the bookings, the occupancy, and my income.

Lukáš: How would you describe our team in three words?

Roxana: Efficient, helpful, and cheerful.

Lukáš: Would you recommend City Relay to your friends?

Roxana: Yes absolutely, I would recommend City Relay!

One of our top priorities is to take care of our hosts and adjust our services to their needs. We do our best to offer them efficient solutions to make their lives easier and optimise their income. As we always say in City Relay: if hosts lose, it means that we lose too! This is a constant win-win situation that we try to make as personalised as possible!

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