New Airbnb policies: important things to know

New Airbnb policies: important things to know

Sometimes Airbnb introduces important changes. The company wants to update its cancellation policy and the Instant Booking feature. These new Airbnb policies, this time, are not appreciated by Airbnb hosts. If you have a flat in London check this article and discover how to react.

1. A new cancellation policy
With an email, Airbnb informed some hosts that the current cancellation policy will change. At the moment, the company located in San Francisco has applied the new policy only in Italy, in order to have a feedback before “the big launch”.

This update comes with a precise idea: make guests more comfortable when they booked an Airbnb.
Airbnb opinion is that if guests have the opportunity to cancel a reservation
 easily, they are more encouraged to make a booking.

To make this possible, Airbnb introduced three changes:
1. Each policy has a period of time before a reservation when a guest can cancel and receive a full refund.
2. Flexible, Moderate and Strict policies have increased host fees. Respectively 3%, 4% and 5%.

3. If a guest cancels the booking before his arrival, he will not be charged the guest service fees.


A comparison with the past

The new cancellation policies are in general more favourable for guests, less for hosts. With a comparison, it’s easy to understand the main difference between the old and the new policies. In any case, there’s a period of time in which guests can cancel a reservation without any fee.


New Airbnb policies

With this change, Airbnb is trying to incentivize hosts to adopt a Flexible cancellation policy, offering Moderate and Strict policies like a “Premium” service.
The reverse of the coin is that this update incentives guests to make many bookings, cancel, make a booking again, looking for the best price until a few days before their arrival. For this reason, at the moment hosts are really unhappy.

2. Instant booking, use it or…

This functionality is presented by Airbnb like a tool that makes bookings easier for guests. If hosts enable this option, a guest can make a reservation directly, without host approval.
Some hosts don’t like the fact that everyone can make a reservation, and they don’t enable this option. With the last update of Airbnb, new Airbnb listings can’t disable this option which is then the only option available to make a reservation.


New Airbnb policies



This move created a big malcontent in hosts and Airbnb decided to adopt another strategy in order to push hosts to use this feature:
With a new rule, if the Instant Booking option is disabled, the Airbnb charge per booking is 5% instead 3%.

Airbnb changed two aspects that animated the Airbnb community. The reason of this malcontent is that hosts think that the company wants to improve the Guests Airbnb Experience at the expense of Hosts Airbnb Experience.
In any case, don’t worry. If you have your Airbnb in the Greater London and you’re scared about all these management aspects, City Relay is the perfect solution for you. Cancellation policies and Instant Booking option will be only a memory. City Relay takes care of these aspects for you but not only. From the check-in to the check-out, we take care of every need of your guest: cleaning, sheets and towels, support 24/7 and more.

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