Professional AirBnB Cleaning


Our team at City Relay understand and also appreciate the importance for our hosts of having a quick, smooth and effective transition with the changeover of guests staying at their short let property.


That is why we are on hand to provide professional property housekeeping & cleaning services for your short stay letting property. We remove any of the pressures often associated with hosts having to clean the property when experiencing a quick guest turnover.


The level of property cleanliness can often impact upon the review score for your holiday let through Airbnb, and online travel agents such as and thus affecting your level of bookings.



  • Reception area cleaning services

    • Dust all accessible surfaces
    • Cleaning the floor entrance
    • Doors & windows cleaning
    • Light switches cleaning
    • Floors cleaning & carpets vacuumed
    • Carpets & rugs vacuumed
    • Rubbish removal
    • Cleaning stairs and railing

  • Bathroom cleaning services

    • Stainless steel and glass surface polished
    • Dust/wipe all reachable surfaces
    • Floor cleaning
    • Empty trash containers
    • Toilet & Toilet lid cleaning
    • Showers, baths and sinks cleaning
    • Nuxe Toiletries provided

  • Kitchen cleaning services

    • Dish washing
    • Kitchen furniture cleaning
    • Dust all accessible surfaces
    • Floor cleaning
    • Rubbish removal
    • Cleaning glass surfaces
    • Doors & handles cleaning
    • Light switches cleaning

  • Bedroom cleaning services

    • Wood furnishings cleaning
    • Doors frames & windows cleaning
    • Dust all accessible surfaces
    • Doors & handles cleaning
    • Floors & carpets cleaning
    • Light fittings and fixtures dusted
    • Bed making & changing sheets

clean towel stock room for City Relay
  • Our Additional Services

    • Deep carpet cleaning
    • Deep upholstery and curtain cleaning
    • Window cleaning
    • Deep clean of kitchen appliances
    • Degreasing of Extractor Fan
    • Entire property deep clean

* an additional charge applies for the services above

Professional Housekeeping


Professional housekeeping is a core part of our guest management services, highly valued not only by property hosts using City Relay’s services, but also the guests staying within the properties as showcased through the excellent reviews posted on third party site Trust Pilot.


Our team aims to take the burden and stress away from our hosts, making the guest experience as positive as it can be. Having our property cleaning services in place for your AirBnB or guest rental will mean that you quite literally will not have to worry about having to get your hands dirty whilst your property is in high demand during busy property rental periods.