How much can you earn with your Airbnb flat?

How much can you earn with your Airbnb flat?

We created a map of London with the average price per week for a one bedroom flat. We chose 16 of the most central districts of the city and we calculated the average income per week. Check our map below and see how much you could earn per week on Airbnb.


airbnb income london

Don’t miss this chance; summer is not over yet
If you plan to go on vacation to enjoy the last moments of August or September, don’t miss the chance to earn an extra income. This time, have your London home pay for your travels. Terrific!

Let’s say that you decide to travel the Spanish coast; maybe you seek thrilling adventures and visit the wild beaches of Cala Pola. You lock up your house in Chelsea. Before checking the Spanish coastal map, check our London map and learn how much you could earn per week on Airbnb. If you have a one bedroom flat in Chelsea, you can

earn over £1,100 per week.

So, why your flat is not yet on Airbnb?
Certainly, you thought at least once to list your flat on Airbnb. I wasn’t sure of the rules surrounding letting my property
I’m sure that you gave up because there are too many aspects to consider: “How can I welcome my guests while I’m away?”, “How can I do the cleaning between two bookings?” or again “How can I help my guests in case of emergency?” It seems complicated to coordinate and manage everything: cleaning, laundry, guest arrival and guest support. 

Don’t worry, there’s a solution for everything. City Relay is a dedicated Reception Desk for Airbnb hosts like you to help them with the many challenges they face with their vacation rental. We can manage your Airbnb for you. We take care of everything: Check-ins, check-outs, cleanings, guest support 24/7 and maintenance.  Even while you’re eating a paella on a Spanish beach.

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