Frequently Asked Questions

For Residents

What is the difference between short, medium and long term rental?
What is an AST?
What is a break clause and how do I use it?
What is a Zero Deposit Guarantee and how does it differ from a traditional deposit?
Can I ask the landlord to remove certain items from the flat?
I have made an instant booking. Where can I find my details?

For Property Owners

What are your required property standards?
What is the minimum number of properties I need to have?
What is the minimum contract length?
What locations do you cover?
Where do you advertise my property?
What is flexible letting?
How do I see my property's performance report?
When do I get paid?
Is my property covered by insurance?
What is an AST?
Who completes viewings on my property?
What compliance rules do I need to meet?
Does City Relay complete reference checks and take security deposits?
What is the 90 day rule?
City relay feedback

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