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Here are some of our frequently asked questions.

If your question is not answered below please do not hesitate to get in touch. Our team are always happy to help!

What is included in your Hassle-Free Hosting fee?

Everything! There is are no hidden fees. The only additional fee would be an initial photo shoot, should you need better pictures for your listing.  Check-in, check-out, replenishment and laundry are all included and cleaning will be charged to the guests.

What is included in your Easy Guest Services fee?

With our Easy Guest Services, for £30 per month you will get:

  • An unlimited number of check-ins and check-outs at our reception desk in Earls Court,
  • Luggage storage
  • 24/7 Guest assistance
  • Preferential rates on cleaning and maintenance.

Get in touch and we will send you our pricing details! Our Easy Guest Services are commitment free and work on a rolling monthly basis.

What is included in the Housekeeping Service?

We provide a hotel-style cleaning service including fresh linen and towels and a welcome package with toiletry products, coffee, and tea. Not only will you benefit from our hotel-trained cleaners knowledge and expertise but our cleaning supervisors will ensure your flat remains guests-ready at all time!

What do I need to provide?

We will need to make sure that your flat is fully equipped and furnished to be guest ready! The basic requirements that you will  need to provide are Wifi, one duvet per bed and 4 pillows per double bed. We only provide duvet covers and pillow cases and.  In addition you will need to provide a hoover, toilet brush, a bucket and a mop. We recommend Henry hoover and a Vileda mop. Depending on your property we will need between 1 set to 3 sets of keys.

Is it possible to start working with you if I already have bookings on your Airbnb account? How will it work?

Of course, it’s possible! Should you opt for our Full Management Service we will use our own City Relay account to list your flat. We will enter your existing bookings into your City Relay calendar and by using our own account you will begin benefiting from City Relay reviews.
It is also possible to continue marketing your flat on Airbnb and manage your own bookings whilst using our services for our cleaning and/ or check-in services. We will connect your Airbnb account to our software to ensure our team are automatically informed of your upcoming bookings to organize the cleaning and/ or check-ins with your guests.

How long does it take to set up?

Once we’ve agreed on the offer you are interested in, it will take between 3 to 5 days to arrange everything.
If you are interested in our Hassle-Free Offer, we need to come and visit your home and arrange a photo shoot. After the photoshoot has been completed it will take us 3 – 5 working days to set up your listing and start getting bookings.
If you are interested in our Easy Guest Services offer, we will arrange to visit your home so that we can establish the best way of managing your property and then establish a connection to manage your Airbnb bookings! It usually takes 3 days from the 1st email to the 1st booking!

Is there a minimum or a maximum time limit to short let my property?

There is no maximum: some of our short let properties are available the whole year!
For our Hassle-Free Offer Offer we need your property to be available for  at least 6 weeks per year.
For our Easy Guest Services offer, there is no minimum period.

What is the 90 days rule implemented by Airbnb? What does it change?

The 90 days restriction only concerns Airbnb bookings. It means that you are limited to listing your property for a maximum of 90 days on Airbnb. However, we are still able to list your flat for an unlimited period on other booking platforms such as, HomeAway, Expedia, TripAdvisor. Therefore, the property that we fully manage have not been impacted at all by this new Airbnb rule.

How will you protect my property from troublemakers?

We understand that your property is your home. Therefore, we screen and vet all our guests  to ensure no troublemakers enter your property! At the time of the booking we will undertake an offline ID verification of the guest. The guest is then asked to provide  ID during the check-in. We will meet and greet all of your guests where we request a second form of ID to be presented. This enables us to make sure everything goes smoothly. Our reservations and guest relations team are well-experienced in vetting profiles. As soon as we have a doubt concerning a guests intentions we investigate and hold the right to cancel the booking.

Will I be insured in case of damage?

The insurance system is different depending on the platform your guest booked through. If your guests booked through Airbnb, you will be protected by the Airbnb hosts insurance which covers damage up to £600 000. With other booking platforms, as they don’t provide an insurance to hosts, we ask for a pre-authorization of £200 to the guests. A pre-authorization, unlike a deposit, means that we can charge the guests more than £200 if the any damages are more costly. Our cleaning team will check your flat after every check-out, so guests can be charged asap in case of damage.

Will I be able to come back to my property whenever you want?

It’s your property, of course, you can come back whenever you want! However, the sooner you warn us the better it is. This way we will be able to block your dates before accepting any bookings. If we already accepted bookings, we can cancel them but you will have to pay a cancellation fee. The prices are the following: it’s free to cancel 6 months in advance, £50 to cancel one week before the booking, and £100 if you cancel within the same week.

Is there a minimum time commitment?

There is no commitment! You need to sign a contract that you may cancel at anytime and there are no cancellations fees.

How will you manage the check-ins?

We have two ways of handling check-ins: directly at your flat or at our Earls Court reception desk. Our Reception Desk is especially convenient for your guests. Should they arrive before they check-in time, they can leave their luggage there and still go explore London. In addition we can store their luggage for them on the day of departure.