Last updated: 30 Jul 21

Resident Terms

What is a booking?

1.1 A “Booking” is an agreement between you and the Host for the occupation of a Property for a specified time (the “Rental Period”). You can make a Booking through (the “Website”), phoning us on +44 (0)20 7993 0610 or on websites where City Relay advertises Properties. No Booking will exist until we send you an email confirmation (the “Booking Email”), as well as a corresponding email to the host, at which point it will be legally binding on you and the Host.

1.2 You agree that we may pass on certain information about you to Hosts in connection with a Booking.

1.3 You are aware that the Property is a home and as such may contain personal possessions; these remain the property of the Host and any removal of these possessions may be treated as theft.


What is a rental fee?

2.1 The “Rental Fee” means the amount paid or payable by you for the occupation of the Property for the Rental Period. The Rental Fee is as stated on the Website at the time you place a Booking request or as otherwise stated by us prior to you and the Host confirming a Booking, except in the case of obvious error. All Rental Fees are inclusive of UK VAT.

2.2 We try to ensure that all prices on the Website are accurate but errors may occur. If we discover an error in any fees we will inform you as soon as possible and give you the option of reconfirming your Booking at the correct price or cancelling it. If you cancel no payment will be taken from you.

2.3 In respect of each Booking we will charge you the Rental Fee which we will collect at the time of you making a Booking by taking payment from your credit/ debit card or Paypal account as soon as the Booking is made unless we notify you otherwise prior to you making a Booking.

2.4 You confirm that the credit/debit card or Paypal account that is being used is yours. All credit/debit card holders are subject to validation checks and authorisation by the card issuer. If the issuer of your card refuses to authorise payment we will not accept your Booking and we will not be responsible for any consequences of such refusal.

2.5 We are not responsible for your card issuer or bank charging you as a result of our processing of your payment in accordance with this Rental Agreement.

2.6 The Rental Fee includes one cleaning fee. It does not include any additional guest services which you may book. The Rental Fee includes charges levied in respect of the following utilities: gas, electricity, water, tv licence, council tax, and insurance for any item supplied by the Host.

2.7 We are entitled to deduct from any money we hold on your behalf any monies you owe to us even if the money we are holding relates to a different Booking.

2.8 The Rental Fee will be payable in full, even if you do not occupy the Property for the entirety of the Rental Period.

2.9 If you make a Booking but do not arrive at the Property for that Booking, change the dates of the Booking or cancel the Booking in accordance with paragraph 3.4, the cancellation fees stated in paragraph 3.4 shall remain payable.

2.10 In the instance of any refunds, City Relay will not be held liable for any movement in foreign currency from the date we charged in GBP versus the date we refund the GBP charge.

2.11 For all direct bookings, City Relay charges 8% commission.


What happens if I want to cancel my booking?

3.1 You acknowledge that as a Guest you do not have the right to cancel a booking for any reason under consumer law. However, you are entitled to cancel Bookings in accordance with and subject to this paragraph 3.

3.2 You may request a cancellation of your Booking by emailing us at or phoning us on +44 (0)20 7993 0610, subject to clause 3.3 and 3.4 below:

3.3 The minimum notice period for cancellation of any Booking that will apply to you can vary depending on the platform used. The standard minimum notice period is 24 hours from the time the booking is made, unless otherwise stated at the time of Booking.

3.3.1 Standard Cancellation Terms: Should you cancel your reservation within the cancellation terms, you will be refunded the rental fee in full. In case of any cancellation after 24 hours from the Booking time, the rental fee will be lost.

3.4 If you vary the rental period or property, this will constitute a cancellation of the Booking, unless we notify you otherwise.

3.5 We offer limited refunds to guests for bookings which are cancelled, as stated in paragraph 3.4, in order to compensate the Host who may be unlikely to receive another Booking for the relevant property and dates.

3.6 In the unlikely event that a Host cancels your Booking, or the Property is unavailable due to an emergency, we will communicate this to you and use reasonable endeavours to help you find an alternative Property, if available. If you agree to such Alternative Accommodation, you acknowledge that the Booking will be cancelled and you will enter into a new booking in respect of the Alternative Accommodation selected. If we are unable to find you Alternative Accommodation, or you do not want to book Alternative Accommodation:

3.6.1 we will not take any further payments from you in respect of the Booking; and

3.6.2 if you have already paid any amounts in respect of the Booking, we will refund them to you

3.7 Full pre-payment is taken upon booking


What is the checkout policy?

4.1 The check-out time at the Property is as notified to you prior to you making a Booking and as stated in the Occupation Agreement. Unless you have agreed on a late check-out with us or extended the Rental Period, you will be liable for a full day’s Rental Fee for any occupation of the Property after the check-out time.

4.2 If you remain in the Property for more than 3 hours after check-out time without authority then we reserve the right to enter the Property, remove your luggage, and change the locks to the Property. We also reserve the right to take any other action that may be necessary and to charge you for the costs of that action.


How does the security deposit work?

5.1 You pre-authorise the payment to us of £250 from your credit/debit card at the commencement of the Rental Period, or such other amount notified to you by us prior to making a Booking (the “Security Deposit”). You agree that we may use the Security Deposit in our sole discretion to compensate the Host for any damage to the Property, its fixtures or fittings, or for any loss or damage caused to the Host due to your breach of this Rental Agreement. We will aim to return your Security Deposit, or any remaining amount of it, within 14 working days of the end of your stay.


What identification do I need to bring to the property?

6.1 To protect the Host’s interest in the Property, you agree to provide evidence of your identity at check-in, as set out in the Booking Email.

6.2 No access to the Property can be given until the Host’s or City Relay’s representative has seen satisfactory identification (such determination to be at the Host’s or City Relay’s sole discretion).

6.3 Failure to provide suitable identification at the commencement of the Rental Period will constitute an immediate cancellation of the Booking by the Guest. Under such circumstances, no refund can be paid.

What are the do’s and don’ts of using the property?

7.1 Don’t

You agree not to use the Property in the following ways:

7.1.1 Business: You will not operate any form of business from the Property including any filming, production or other commercial activity, without the prior written consent of City Relay and shall use the Property for residential purposes only.

7.1.2 Illegality: You will not use the Property for any illegal or immoral purpose.

7.1.3 Drugs: You will not consume or keep illegal drugs at the Property.

7.1.4 Smoking: You will not smoke in the Property.

7.1.5 Damage: You will not carry out any action that would cause damage or deterioration of the Property.

7.1.6 Animals: You will not bring animals into the Property save for disabled assistance dogs.

7.1.7 Advertising: You will not display any form of sign or logo that is visible from the exterior of the Property and agree not to use the Property, its address, or location in any form of advertising or promotional material.

7.1.8 Noise & Nuisance: You will not cause excessive noise in the Property and agree to use the Property in a manner which does not cause a nuisance to other persons residing in neighbouring or nearby buildings and not to obstruct, harass, cause a nuisance to, or inconvenience any person residing, working for or on behalf of the Host or City Relay or carrying out their lawful business in the building or immediate area.

7.1.9 Property Left Behind: You will not leave any item behind in the Property at the end or sooner termination of the Occupation Agreement which is bulky or not easily portable, in which case you shall be liable to pay the pro rata equivalent if the Rental Fee until such time as the Host can remove the property and you shall also be liable for any costs incurred in removing or storing this property. If you leave any other item behind then you will be liable for any storage costs incurred in storing it and if any item is not claimed within 14 days of your departure then it shall be deemed abandoned and the Host or City Relay can sell or dispose of it at his sole discretion retaining any proceeds of any sale to offset his storage and administrative costs.

7.1.10 Parties: You will not host parties or gatherings in the Property. Any substantiated complaint of a party will result in any visitors to the Property involved in the party being asked to leave and will lead to termination of the Occupation Agreement. We also reserve the right to enter the Property or have a security service enter the Property in order to remove visitors, remove your belongings, change the locks to the Property or take other action as may be necessary. You will be liable for a fixed charge of £250, and other charges if damage has occurred, if you are found to be hosting or have hosted a party.

7.1.11 Host Property: You will not damage, rearrange or remove any of the personal belongings of the Host from the Property and you shall not alter the Property in any way. You will not open any of the cupboards which have been taped shut or enter any rooms where the doors have been locked and will be liable to pay a fee of £50 if you do so.

7.1.12 Confidentiality: You will not invade the privacy of the Host nor publish or reveal anything which might allow a third party to identify the address of the Property or the identity of the Host (even if such information is already in the public domain).

7.2 Do’s

You agree to comply with the following obligations in respect of the Property:

7.2.1 Fixtures and Fittings: You will operate any appliance, fixtures and fittings provided by the Host or by City Relay in accordance with instructions provided and in a reasonable and careful manner.

7.2.2 Ventilation: You will keep the Property properly ventilated to ensure that there is no build up of damp or moisture or of cooking smells, smoke, or grease.

7.2.3 Rubbish: You will dispose of all rubbish and waste promptly using the facilities provided, not dispose of waste or rubbish in any system not designed for this purpose, take care to avoid blocking of or damage to drains or sanitary appliances by seeking to dispose of inappropriate items or abrasive, corrosive, or hazardous substances using them.

7.2.4 Cooking: You will use the cooking facilities provided with reasonable care and according to the manufacturer’s instructions and with proper ventilation so as not to cause damage to the Property, building or any fixtures and fitting and so as not to cause fire or smoke alarms to be activated.

7.2.5 Cleaning: You will keep the Property clean and tidy and will bear primary responsibility for its condition on his departure

7.2.6 Security: You will take care to ensure the security of the Property by taking care of access keys, tokens, or codes and not giving them to persons other than employees, contractors, agents, or representatives of the Host or City Relay and not propping or holding open external doors, windows and other forms of access to the Property when you are not supervising them.

7.2.7 Health and safety: You will read any health and safety guidance which is provided to you and will comply with any instructions given to you by City Relay or the Host on check-in. If you have any concerns or become aware of any health and safety risks during the Rental Period you must inform us immediately.

7.2.8 Vacant Possession: On termination of the Occupation Agreement, you agree to provide vacant possession of the Property, removing all occupants or other persons, all possessions and rubbish from the Property, and leaving the Property and fixtures and fittings in the same good clean condition it was provided at the commencement of the Rental Period set out in the Occupation Agreement, subject to an allowance for fair wear and tear.

7.3 If there has been a breach of this Rental Agreement by the bringing of animals into the apartment or smoking then you will be liable to pay for specialist cleaning at an additional cost of £20 per hour.


What happens if I damage the property?

8.1 You agree to promptly report any items within the Property that require repair to us. You also agree to take action as soon as you become aware of any problem to minimise its effects and prevent it becoming worse or causing a nuisance to the occupier of any neighbouring premises.

8.2 You agree to compensate the Host for any losses he might suffer due to damage to the Property, any of its fixtures or fittings, or due to any nuisance or annoyance caused to any occupier of a neighbouring premises which occurs as a result of any failure by you to report any required repair to us or the Host promptly or to take reasonable action to minimise the effects of any issue and prevent the problem becoming more serious and you acknowledge that these losses may be greater than the Security Deposit.

8.3 If you do not report a required repair to us or the Host and it only becomes obvious after you have left the Property then the Host shall be entitled to assume that the damage has been caused by your negligence or carelessness and charge you accordingly.

8.4 The Host may terminate the Occupation Agreement at any time on 24 hours’ notice where you are in breach of any part of this Rental Agreement.


How do I make a complaint?

9.1 If you have a complaint about the Booking or Property, then please contact us as soon as possible by email at or by phone on +44 (0)20 7993 0611.

9.2 We will always try to assist with Guest complaints about a Booking where we can.

9.3 You agree to co-operate with us in resolving any issues or complaints and keep us fully informed (including informing us where you move to alternative accommodation during the Rental Period), and you acknowledge that if you do not co-operate with us this may affect our ability to help you.

9.4 You agree not to behave in an abusive, racist or obscene manner towards the Host or any representatives of City Relay.


Who is responsible if something goes wrong?

10.1 If the Host breaches this Rental Agreement the Host shall only be liable for losses which are a reasonably foreseeable consequence of such breach, up to a maximum of the Rental Fee. Losses are foreseeable where they could be contemplated by you and the Host at the time of entering into this Rental Agreement.

10.2 Nothing in this Rental Agreement shall be deemed to exclude, restrict or limit the liability of any party for death or personal injury resulting from its negligence or any liability for fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation.

10.3 You agree that the Host will not be liable to you for or in connection with:

10.3.1 losses not caused by its breach of this Rental Agreement;

10.3.2 any consequential or incidental losses which are a side effect of the main loss or damage and are not reasonably foreseeable by you and the Host at the time of entering into this Rental Agreement, for example, loss of business, profits, opportunity, income or revenue; and/ or

10.3.3 failure to meet any of the Host’s obligations under this Rental Agreement where such failure is due to an event beyond the Host’s reasonable control, including fire, storm, flood, riot, civil disturbance, war, nuclear accident, terrorist activity and Acts of God.

10.4 You agree to compensate and defend the Host fully (including against any claims or legal proceedings brought against the Host by any other person):

10.4.1 as a result of your breach of this Rental Agreement (such compensation to include where applicable compensation to occupiers of neighbouring premises);

10.4.2 for any damage, destruction or misuse of a Property or anything in it which is caused by you or any other guest listed on the Occupation Agreement which is beyond reasonable fair and tear (such compensation to include where applicable cleaning, repair and replacement costs as applicable); and/or

10.4.3 for any loss by you of keys for a Property.

10.5 If the Host takes legal action against you for non-payment or any other breach of this Rental Agreement and a court makes an award in our favour, you will be responsible for all costs allowable by the Courts.

10.6 You have certain rights under the law and certain legal remedies if the Host breaches any of these rights. Nothing in this Rental Agreement is intended to affect the rights to which you may be entitled, for example to damages or specific performance. For more information about your legal rights contact your local Citizens Advice Service or Trading Standards Service.


What are the general terms that apply to this agreement?

11.1 Notice: Any notices required under this agreement will be sufficiently served if emailed by City Relay to you at your email address or by you at City Relay’s email address ( provided that no notification of non-delivery is received and the notice will be deemed served 8 hours after sending.

11.2 Data Protection: We may use the personal information provided by the parties to put you and the Host in contact with each other for the purposes of the stay. You and the Host agree not to pass each other’s personal data to any third party.

11.3 Invalid Provisions: If any part of this Rental Agreement is found to be invalid by a court or regulator, the other provisions will continue to apply.

11.4 Governing Law and Jurisdiction: If you wish to take court proceedings against us you must do so within the United Kingdom. If you live in England or Wales the laws of England and Wales will apply and if you live in Scotland, Scottish law will apply. If you are a resident of another EU country, this does not affect your right to bring legal proceedings before the courts and under the laws of your country of residence.

11.5 Changes to the Rental Agreement: We may change this Rental Agreement from time to time and shall notify you of any such updates and revisions through a message displayed on the Website and/or by other means such as email. Your continued making of Bookings shall be deemed to be your acceptance of such changes, except that if any such changes are to your detriment they shall not apply to any Bookings you have made before the changes. If you do not agree with any such changes, you may terminate your Account with City Relay in accordance with the Website Terms which you can find here and cease to make Bookings.