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In London, Valentine’s Day can be an opportunity to boost your occupancy during the winter season… Prices for stays over Valentine’s Day period are higher across London and therefore you can boost your occupancy and also your profit by increasing your prices. For that reason, it is important to make your flat cosy and attractive. So time to get ready and turn your flat into a romantic haven for your guests!


#1 Make a promotion for Valentine’s Day itself

This year Valentine’s Day is midweek… For that reason, why not attract guests with a special rate on the 14th! Promotional offer for Valentine’s Day will help you to be competitive and to attract new guests. Most of your bookings will probably be last minute and late check-ins, so you may have to be more flexible than usual if you want to get a booking.

#2 Make a special welcome pack

Make a romantic welcome pack for your guests! For example, you can put a bottle of wine, strawberries, chocolate etc. These are little touches that your guests will enjoy and remember!

#3 Recommend the best places to go!

Why not recommend some nice, romantic places for your guests to enjoy such as your favourite restaurant or bar.

#4 Turn your flat into a perfect love nest

Candles are a great way to create a romantic atmosphere, why not add a few more around the property to create the perfect setting… You can put a couple of extra pillows on the bed or offer your guests a floral arrangement or a bouquet in the property… Add some typical romantic items such as bath salts, lotions, roses etc to feel “love in the air”. These small adjustments will increase your reputability as a host and encourage positive reviews and word of mouth.

#5 Take lovely pictures

After turning your flat into a perfect love nest, you are ready for new pictures! You could organise a romantic photoshoot in order to show your flat with your new lovely decorations. Use roses and warm colours and if you have a fireplace, show it! Also, you can change the description slightly by making it more attractive to couples.


#6 Special breakfast

For Valentine’s day, you can promote a “breakfast offer”. Set out some pancakes or muffins with a big coffee and tea mugs, fresh orange juice, etc. Everything needed to make a breakfast in bed. Do not forget to leave a tray!

#7 Give them privacy

To attract guests for Valentine’s Day you should emphasize on privacy that your property offers. For those who are offering one room instead of the entire property, you should think about renting the whole property. Making a compromise to offer your guests more privacy can help you getting booking for Valentine’s Day. So think about it!


#BONUS: Airbnb love story

It’s pretty rare when love just shows up on your doorstep, rings the bell, with the intention of staying in your guest room. But that is what happened to Theodore and Julia. Julia, a City Relay host was walking down Portobello Road to meet her future guest. She has spotted his profile before accepting his request. But when she saw him, she fell in love at first sight… A passionate love story started between them. Four years after, Julia and Theodore have 3 children.


All these adjustments will surely seduce some guests during Valentine’s day. You do not have time to take care of your bookings? Becoming a host is quick and easy, simply click the button below and fill out your details to view your property’s earning potential!

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