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Discover our Earl’s Court Reception Space

Written by City Relay

City Relay is the only Airbnb management company which has a physical Reception Desk. You may wonder: why are we the only ones?

#1 Check-ins


There are more welcoming options than a cold and soul-less lockbox. Having an entire Guest Team ready to assist and make your stay in London awesome is a unique service in our industry! They are at our Reception Desk from 9 am to 11 pm every day to make sure your guests have a hotel-style check-in experience. You know what’s even better about it? We also screen IDs, to properly verify that they are the right, trustworthy guests. You won’t find any better solution in London!

#2 Luggage storage


Imagine your guests are arriving at 9 am and the guests from the day before are still in the flat and checking out at 11 am… how do you take care of the new guests? You offer them a cup of tea, store their luggage and advise them on the must-dos in London! Multiply that by at least 25 check-ins per day and more than 300 properties, and you have yourself a very busy team 🙂

 #3 Keys holding



Like every hotel, we have all the keys stored in one place so that they never get lost! We keep the keys for your guests and the keys for our cleaners separately. Your keys will be in good hands and not in a hazardous, messy lockbox.

#4 Guest support


Did you think that opening your reception from 9 am to 11 pm was enough? It wasn’t for us, so we came up with the 24/7 guest support. If your guests have any problems on a Sunday night at 3 am, not to worry, our Guest Team will handle this! If they want to address an issue face-to-face, they can pass by our Reception Desk and we will great them with open arms and give them a big hug.

#5 House manual and trip planningReception


At the time of the check-in, your guests receive a City Relay tote bag in which they will find the house manual of your property, a map of London, but also advice on what they should do during their trip. We have partnered with dozens of service providers to make sure their stay goes fabulously. Do they need a stroller for the baby? Done. Do they need a Nanny? Done. They need a transfer back to the airport? Done. Some tickets for the Madame Tussaud’s Museum? Check. We take care of everything and that’s how we manage to get only get 5- star reviews!


Interested in our amazing reception desk to add professionalism and personality to your short-term rental? Becoming a host with us is quick and easy, simply click the button below and fill out your details to view your property’s earning potential!

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