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Where could your London short let rental income take you this Spring-Summer 2020

Are you still planning your holidays for 2020? Or maybe you plan to tick off some destinations on your bucket list this year. Many of our hosts use the income from short letting their home to pay for their holidays and getaways. In fact, it’s frequent travellers, whether for work…

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How to prepare your Airbnb property for Springtime

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Seven ways to be a more sustainable Airbnb host

Making better choices for the environment and the community we live in has never been more critical. Extreme weather conditions have become common in the UK with heatwaves and flash floods occurring in 2019.  The Committee on Climate Change (CCC), the independent UK government advisory body, has said that 2020…

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How to get your Airbnb property ready for winter

In recent weeks we’ve been talking about the demand for holiday rentals and home-stays in London in December. Winter is a great time to rent your home if you’re planning a getaway or have more than one property. But it’s also a prime time for things to go wrong at…

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What if Christmas could pay for itself this year

Do you leave your present shopping until Christmas Eve or do you prefer to get it wrapped up nice and early? Either way, there’s no avoiding the fact that this can be an expensive time of the year. Average household spending at Christmas in the UK is almost £900 according…

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Infographic: Six steps to short let your London property like a pro

Getting into the business of short letting your property on platforms like Airbnb,, HomeAway and VRBO can be lucrative, but it can also be a lot of hard work.  Whether you are still considering offering your London home for holiday rentals or you’ve already listed it, a quick look…

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Understanding the London short let market – part two: rates and regulations

Last week, we shared with you some insights to help you better understand London’s short let market and the opportunities it presents. For the second and final part of this mini-series, we’ll go through the rates and regulations to bear in mind when listing your property. It’s a very profitable…

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Understanding the London short let market – part one: the opportunities

If you’re considering offering your London home for short lets, we’ve compiled some brief information to help you better understand the current market. This article is part one of a two-part series kicking off with a look at the demand and competition for short lets in London.  High demand and…

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5 reasons why you should work with an Airbnb management company in London

With London attracting upwards of 15 million tourists a year, the need for accommodation is extremely high. As the demand shifts from traditional homogeneous hotels to unique short term rentals, the industry often referred to as simply Airbnb’s, has seen an ever-increasing rise. In the wake of this trend, we…

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How to set your Airbnb price like a pro

When listing your property for a short-term rental, setting your Airbnb price may not initially seem complicated. However, with those hosts that have either set their price way too low or way too high, pricing your listing right dramatically affects your income and occupancy.  So, how do you find out…

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