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Elevate your luxury property and get maximum returns from your portfolio. Partner with City Relay, the most trusted property expert in London

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Flexible Letting

Get 30% to 40% more income

City Relay uses flexible letting, a data-driven marketing strategy that blends short, mid and long-term lets. This model takes advantage of the higher nightly rates of short-term lets. Once the 90-day short-term let limit is reached, it switches to mid-term or long-term lets to provide a more stable rental income.

This allows us to determine the right letting method and rental price for your luxury property at different seasons and market conditions. The result is a 90% occupancy rate with 30% to 40% more income for your portfolio.

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Our Service

Complete onboarding

Our experts will thoroughly inspect your property to make it stand out as a premium property in the market. It will go through a professional photoshoot that includes a 3D virtual tour to attract quality guests and residents.

Conciergerie Airbnb Paris
Optimised property listing

Your luxury property will be listed in major letting channels. All the professional photos and 3D virtual tours will be uploaded on Airbnb, Expedia, Rightmove, VRBO, Zoopla, etc. to provide guests with a visual of your property.

Tenant vetting process

City Relay has access to 10,000+ active tenants. Everyone goes through a two-stage vetting process to filter the right occupant. All guests and residents will be personally greeted and checked in at the beginning of their stay.

In-house cleaning and maintenance

Our in-house property management services include deep cleaning and full maintenance. We're quick to act on issues and that leads to 5 star reviews from guests and a better reputation for your luxury property.

Stress-free letting

Why work with City Relay

We have a distinguished reputation in the London letting market. We’re known for our expertise, flexible letting strategy, in-house property management services, meticulous resident vetting process and far-reaching marketing efforts.

As our partner, your property will benefit from the trust that comes with that reputation.

High Trustpilot rating

Our professionalism, attention to detail and 24/7 Customer Experience Team ensures a positive experience for guests, residents and partners. Our high Trustpilot rating is what differentiates us from other property management companies in London.

90% Occupancy rate

Guests and residents only want to book from someone they can trust. This is where City Relay’s high-trust rating comes into play. Our reputation in London’s property market will make it easy to keep your luxury properties occupied.

Guaranteed rental income

If you own luxury properties and you have an extensive property portfolio, we can guarantee a portion of your rental income each month. This is a great arrangement to protect your investment.

Our tech platform

Smart Technology to Track Your Portfolio

Partnering with City Relay gives you access to a comprehensive property management platform called Opago. This platform provides complete visibility of your property’s performance to help you make informed decisions to grow your portfolio.

City Relay property tech platform
maximise rental income in london
Automated finances

Get real-time visibility of your property’s finances which includes rent collection, cleaning and maintenance fees.

Insightful reports

Access a comprehensive report about your portfolio’s performance, from the KPIs, booking schedules and rental income.

Property updates

View your property’s calendar and have the freedom to block schedules for your use. See updates on guest schedules, cleaning and maintenance activities, etc.


Get revenue projection for your portfolio

It’s time to maximise the yields from your portfolio. Don’t leave your luxury properties vacant when you’re not using them. Turn them into letting properties so you can get sizable returns. 

If you’re too busy to let properties, partner with City Relay to do ALL the time-consuming property management tasks for you. Our in-house cleaning and maintenance staff will make sure your premium property is kept in tip-top condition.

Do you want to know the rental income potential of your property? Use our free rental yield calculator. Fill in your details to get the results.

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