Hassle-free operations management

DRIVE, our industry-leading platform, gives you full visibility and real-time performance reports, so you can enjoy reduced administration and operational costs.


Managing your property with zero hassle

Renting and managing a property requires so much more than just finding good residents. At City Relay, we take care of all the day-to-day management and operations for you. Our teams are specialised in short, mid and long-term lets and we’re dedicated to giving you a stress-free investment experience. 

Protect your investment with DRIVE 

Zero stress

DRIVE is a single source of truth for everything related to your property. All work and any issues are seamlessly and efficiently managed and automated through the platform. Our smart technology is here to destress you.


DRIVE gives you a full view of all inspections and certifications - as well as when work is due or about to expire - to ensure your property is compliant at all times and your investment protected.

Continuous updates

We constantly update and add to the platform based on feedback and industry trends. We care about your opinion and send you a quarterly survey, leading to actionable results.


A game changing platform 

We use industry-leading smart technology to streamline operations and give you the best chance at success. DRIVE, our operations management platform, gives you a time efficient and streamlined solution you won’t find anywhere else.

All things property management at your fingertips

DRIVE was created to take on the work of an entire team, just more quickly and efficiently. This means you don’t need other people to manage operations for your properties. It will all run seamlessly via our platform.

Reduced operational costs

DRIVE is as efficient as an entire team. All key services, like cleaning and maintenance are streamlined and automated through the platform, which significantly reduces operational costs.

Bespoke performance reports

You can track your portfolio’s performance with an overview of bookings and reports on activities related to your property, including compliance and maintenance.

Automated finances

You get access to real-time data on your finances and important activities, like paying cleaners and tracking their hours, are automated to reduce human error.

Bird’s eye view of your portfolio’s performance 

DRIVE’s automated reports can save you up to three days of work each month, reducing administration costs significantly.

Full overview

Integrated with our marketing channels, DRIVE allows you to see your properties and bookings across everything in one click.

Export any data

You can export all DRIVE data in the format you need, including real-time finances and accounting data.

Responsive view

You can access updates and reports in DRIVE any time on the go through the responsive web app.

Important documentation in one place


Any issues or requirements that come up during inspections are noted in DRIVE.


All certificates and proofs of completed maintenance work are stored on the platform.


Resident information and documents are collected pre-move and stored in DRIVE.