Insurance for short term let properties

We work with two different partners to provide landlord insurance that suits your needs.

Short let insurance

Short let insurance provided by Guardhog is a flexible solution for short stays. The cover comes with a £500 excess and it’s paid upfront for each stay.

Automated cover

DRIVE, our proprietary platform, even manages your insurance cover. The policy payments are synced with bookings so that you only pay when your property is occupied - no bookings, no insurance cost.

Damage protection

The insurance covers damage in the property to keep your investment protected while it's occupied by short-term residents.

£500 covered by us

We take a £500 short let deposit from our residents to cover any damages that might occur. Anything over this is covered by the Guardhog short let insurance.


Long let insurance

We work with Goodlord for comprehensive landlord insurance for long lets. This insurance policy covers unpaid rent – any damages made by residents are covered by a deposit we take from residents.

Goodlord offers a Rent Protection Service that covers your rent until the property is vacant again, including 75% of rental payments for two months after that, as well as up to £100,000 of legal expenses.


Do I need landlord insurance?

Landlord insurance is not a legal requirement but it protects you as a property owner from financial losses that might come with buy to let investments.

Buy to let insurance doesn’t normally cover the use of your property for short lets or Airbnb hosting, which means you need additional insurance.

We are fully insured, but you may need to have your own landlord insurance to protect your property, its fittings and rent payments.



Landlord insurance and Covid-19 

The Covid-19 pandemic has emphasised the importance of having insurance in place. The financial difficulties faced by renters during the pandemic led to several rules being introduced by the government in terms of the actions that landlords can take, for example with evictions.

Having property landlord insurance that includes rent protection means you can claim for the lost rental income and win time to come to an agreement with residents if necessary. 


We’re here every step of the way

We’re committed to giving you a hassle-free and protected investment experience. We take care of all the admin that comes with taking out an insurance policy with one of our partners, just like we take care of the management and letting of your property.

By working with us, you get the full support of an award-winning team throughout your entire investment journey.