maximise rental income in london

Get 1% off your Commission Rate for 1 Year

Refer someone to City Relay for a chance to earn more from your properties!

After new referrals sign up, you’ll get 1% off your commission rate for 1 year as a referral bonus – while they’ll get 50% off their onboarding fees.

Fill out the form and refer a fellow property owner to qualify.

Here’s how it works:

Talk about City Relay

Share with fellow property owners the rental rewards that comes from being a City Relay partner. Share our offer to newly referred partners: a 50% discount on onboarding fees.

Refer them to City Relay

Encourage them to set a meeting with City Relay to discuss a potential partnership. Or you can complete the referral form on this page and we'll reach out to them.

Get your reward

Once your referral signs a contract with us, you’ll get a 1% discount on your current commission rate for 1 year. And they get 50% off their onboarding fees, too!


This referral scheme is open to all existing partners of City Relay. For every property owner that you refer to City Relay, you get a 1% discount off your current commission rate for 12 months. This discount takes effect after the referred property owner signs a contract with City Relay.

With every new referral, you get another 1% discount from your commission rate. There is no limit to the number of referrals that you can make.

New partners referred will also get a 50% off on their onboarding fees.