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A guide to: Portobello

Written by City Relay

A little history

Located in a district of Notting Hill, Portobello Road runs almost the length of the neighborhood from south to north. It is well known for its numerous shops, restaurants, and cafes as well as the many colorful houses that border the road, but most importantly for its amazing market.

Although this place is quite busy nowadays, it used to be very different three hundred years ago. Indeed, Portobello Road was known prior to 1740 as Green’s Lane – a winding country path leading from Kensington Gravel Pits, in what is now Notting Hill Gate, up to Kensal Green in the north. It then got its name from a farm that was built not far from Golborne Road and that had been named after a town in Panama – Porto Bello – which had been popularly captured by the British from the Spanish. The farm grew its influence over time selling its products on the spot, which passed onto the street itself.

Throughout the years Portobello maintained its image as the market region, with development springing up. It became a hub for the wealthy inhabitants of Paddington to shop. Up till the 1940s, it was like many other London markets selling food and other items.


For today’s post, we have decided to draw up for you a picture of Portobello and a great many activities it counts.




The amazing market

Portobello Road remains one of London’s most famous streets, vibrant, multicultural and buzzing with energy and excitement. It is set to continue as one of London’s ‘must-see’ destination partly due to its market, one the most famous in the city as it gathers thousands of different stalls selling beautiful antiques, vintage clothing or delicious food almost every day.

Don’t hesitate to visit the Portobello Road website for more information regarding the opening hours and stalls.


Did someone say food?

There are many cafes on Portobello road, most of which are open on a daily basis, and they might have you covered for any craving you may have at the moment. From world-famous coffee shops to small bakeries, from Italian to Mexican cuisine… You will surely find something you like!

Besides, the market itself also counts many stalls dedicated to food. On Fridays & Saturdays, hot food stalls offering choices from around the world are available such as curry, paella, fish and chips, bratwurst and more. In addition, North African and Caribbean street food is available on Golborne Road throughout the week.



Everything there is to do

Portobello Road itself is an attraction as it counts many street performers and many pubs offering live music throughout the week.

Furthermore, alongside the many, eclectic stalls of the market, Portobello Road also abounds many little quirky and magical shops. Whether you like vintage clothing, bric-a-brac, or antique shopping, the street definitely is a place you have to see.

Finally, if you fancy a movie on this famous street, it is possible: make sure to book your place ahead of time to enjoy your film accompanied by great snacks and drinks in the comfiest of armchairs at the Electric Cinema.



For us at City Relay, Portobello is of great importance, as we have our headquarters here and reception space in Earls Court, where we welcome our guest and introduce them to their London adventure. If you would like to stay and discover this wonderful area, do not hesitate to contact us and check out the amazing properties we have in store for you!




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