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Having a family-friendly Airbnb in London is a great way to secure more bookings and earn more income! Short term rental accommodations are very popular among families as they are cheaper than London hotels and offer more amenities. Here are 5 tips to make your Airbnb more family-friendly! 


#1 Be well equipped! 

Families have special needs and expectations, make sure you buy the right items to fulfill them!  It is most likely that your guests won’t come with their baby chair nor their baby cot, having these items in your flat would be a huge asset. Moreover, make sure your kitchen is fully equipped. Compared to other Airbnb guests, families will be more likely to use the kitchen and cook meals instead of going out for dinner. Hence, having an appealing kitchen will definitely tip the scale in your favours! 


#2 Safety first 

In order to attract families, you need to have a flat suitable for children. It is the first thing parents will look at: how safe your flat will be for their children. It means no visible wires, remove sharp objects, remove items which can tip over, if you have stairs then install a safety barrier. Moreover, make sure poisonous products such as the cleaning or washing products are out of reach for children.


#3 Make room for entertainments 

Parents would be delighted to find a playing area with toys already settled in your flat! If you don’t have enough space for a proper playing area, at least leave some boarding games, movies or books for children in your flat. You can even subscribe to children TV channels such as Disney. Not only will it entertain the kids, but it will be the occasion to have a great family time! Your guests will appreciate this for sure!


#4 Adapt your neighbourhood booklet to families

Leaving a booklet with the best activities to do in your neighbourhood is definitely a huge plus if you want to get good reviews! Make sure you adapt it to families by suggesting outdoor activities like zoos, parks, a visit tour of London, etc. Think also about restaurants in your neighbourhood which would be suitable for children. You can even leave the number of a babysitter. Who knows, the parents may want to enjoy a romantic dinner in London! 


#5 Make sure all your efforts appear in your listing! 

You need to precise everything on your listing so it can stand out from the crowd! It would be a shame to have the perfect family flat and not being able to attract your target. You can start with your property title, by saying for example ” Perfect flat for families!”. Make sure you ticked the box Family/ Kid friendly in your listing! And last but not least, take advantageous pictures of your flat to show how perfect it will be for a family. It is important for guests to be able to picture themselves at your place. 



Too busy to prepare your flat for families? Don’t worry! At City Relay we will take the hassle out for you. We will market and manage your flat, you won’t have to do anything while earning extra income! Interested? Becoming a host is quick and easy, simply click the button below and fill out your details to view your property’s earning potential!

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