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New year, new resolution! Time to bring your A-game and get these good reviews to boost your profile. Follow these 5 City Relay’s tips to be a better host.

#1 Responsiveness is key

Contact your guests one week before their arrival in order to make them confident. Also, be in touch with them after their stay. It is important to have a personal contact and feedback. The more you will be in touch with them, the more they will be comfortable. Hosting can also be a way to make new friends 😉

Tip: Download Airbnb app to keep in touch with your guests.

#2 Make the perfect Welcome pack

Make sure that you take care of your guests, it actually doesn’t mean that you have to be waiting for them in front of the door, you just need to be sure that your guests feel safe and if they need anything, someone can help them. A friendly welcome pack will help your guests get settled quickly and will make them feel at home. Adding few surprise items to your welcome pack is a good way to give a good first impression. For example, you can cook (your favorite meal) or bake (typical cake of your city) for their first night. It will be unexpected and more than welcome. It’s important to take your time while doing your welcome pack, in order to make it as personal as possible.

Tip: Leave a local gift (it can be cakes, tea, chocolate or whatever you want), this kind of present is always nice. Your guests will be more inclined to give good reviews afterward.

#3 Be helpful

Put yourself in your guests’ shoes by leaving relevant information regarding your flat such as the Wifi details, where can they find the towels, etc. Don’t forget to tell them which day is the collection day for the rubbish, but also any security information about locking the doors or windows. Make sure you leave a selection of emergency contact details as well, such as a doctor’s number.

Tip: Leave explanation about electronic staff (how to use the oven or the heater for example, or any specific things).


#4 Give local recommendations

To be a good host it is essential to share your good plans, good addresses, and recommendations. This is key to your success. It does not matter how it’s shared: notebook, tablet, business card… Your guests will love having local tips as for sure they won’t find this in their tourist guides!

Tip: Leave a list of your favorite restaurant or bars in the area. But also some nice places to see. If you live close by don’t hesitate to invite your guests for a drink or dinner in your favorite place.

#5 Turn your flat into the perfect place

Decorate your flat with attractive design to make them feel at home. Your guests will love a property with a cozy and homely atmosphere, make sure you will meet their expectations!

Tip: Leave some books or newspapers.

Livingroom, cozy, comfortable


Stress about being the perfect host? Don’t worry, City Relay can help you manage everything! At City Relay we will take care of your flat as if it were our own. Thanks to our experienced staff, your flat will be in good hands! Becoming a host is quick and easy, simply click the button below and fill out your details to view your property’s earning potential!

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