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Your Airbnb listing is your flat showcase. You must make it attractive and original in order to get more viewers and more bookings, especially within London. You may think that all listings look the same, with flat information, the number of beds, availabilities, some info on the host, etc. However, be sure that guests notice the difference between a botched listing and a neat one. 


#1 Choose a catchy title

The choice of the title is crucial. A good title will draw potential guests attention and increase your chance to get a booking. To differentiate your title from others, avoid commonplace description such as ” nice flat” or ” 2 bedroom flat”. You can use adjectives such as outstanding, stunning, bewitching, charming,…. adjectives which will enhance your flat description. Another way to stand out from the crowd is by adapting your title to seasons or events in the city. You can also highlight the main asset of your flat whether it is the location, a terrace, a brand new furnishing,… For example: “Stunning newly furnished flat 2 mn from Hyde Park”! 

title 3



#2 Flat description: make it real

Guests don’t only want to check the number of beds, bathrooms, and amenities available, they also want to have a flat description clear enough so they can picture themselves in it and know what to expect. It means you should take your time to complete the flat description. It’s the perfect occasion to highlight the best assets of your flat, but also let your guests know about the tiny tribulation they may encounter. The more realistic your description will be, the more trustworthy you will appear to your guests. Plus they will really appreciate entering into the flat they expected. If you oversell your flat they will be really disappointed and for sure you will end up with bad reviews. 

flat description 2


#3 Promote your neighbourhood!

The description of your neighbourhood is as important as the one of your flat. Guests will not only look at your flat features, they want to experience the life of a local and therefore they want to be in a charming and ” typical” neighbourhood, not too far from the main touristic sightseeing. In your neighbourhood description, don’t hesitate to brag about your amazing shopkeepers, restaurants and design shops for example. Make your guests feel the vibe of your neighbourhood, for sure they will want to visit it. 



#4 Add relevant picture

Pictures are mandatory to sell your flat and are very important as your guests won’t even bother reading the flat description if they don’t like the pictures. Make sure you take them with a proper camera, quality needs to be excellent. Take pictures of each room and a view of the building outside, so your guests know exactly what to expect. To have a nice pictures it is really important to have your flat as clean and neat as possible, with the right light.

To know how to make a beautiful picture of your flat, read our article 5 tips for taking great photos for Airbnb listing. 

living room picture Airbnb


#5 Complete your host profile as much as possible

When hesitating between two flats, the host profile might tip the balance in favor of a flat or another. Making a good host profile is not complicated: you need to put a good quality picture and explain in a few words who you are and what you enjoy in hosting. Guests will be reassured to know a little bit more about you as it might be intimidating to contact a foreigner to live in his flat. 

Moreover, make sure the following information have been checked by Airbnb: your ID, mail address, address and phone number. It is also a way to make your guests feel more secured. Also, put your Facebook and LinkedIn links, even though you don’t want foreigners screening at your profiles, it is just a way to prove that you are a well-intentioned person and not a crook. 

host profile Airbnb



#6 Always answer your reviews, especially the bad ones!

Even though no one likes being criticized, always apologize when you receive a complaint and show that you are going to take their remarks into consideration. Futur potential guests will appreciate seeing this on your profile, it shows that you feel concerned by your guests’ stay and that you are reactive and don’t hide when there is an issue. For more information, read our article How to handle a bad review here. 

Take also time to answer to good reviews, show that you appreciate knowing your guests had a great stay. 


Reviews Airbnb


Having a good listing is the backbone of a successful Airbnb. If you are keen to improve your listing but don’t have enough time to answer all the reviews and update all your information contact us! At City Relay we can take care of everything from you, from listing your flat on more than 20 booking platforms to handling the cleaning, guests communication, check-ins and check-outs. Becoming a host is quick and easy, simply click the button below and fill out your details to view your property’s earning potential!

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