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Cleaning is the main issue when hosting on Airbnb. Sometimes you feel more like a maid than a host. You can spend hours preparing the flat for your guests, washing the towels and linen,  replenishing what’s missing. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a full housekeeping team to make your Airbnb as clean as a 5-star hotel bedroom? City Relay is here for that.

#1 Towels and Linen

Ensuring that the linen and towels are fresh and clean for each of your Airbnb guests is our duty. We have our own Housekeeping warehouse based in London where we wash, launder, clean, dry and iron our own linen and towels. Once in the flat, we make sure your bed looks as comfy as a little cloud in the sky. Our housekeepers have been trained in 5-star hotels and know how to leave your room extraordinary, even if they won’t place swan-shaped towels on the bed. 


#2 Cleaning

Our housekeepers have every tool needed to make your home extraordinary. All the dirty dishes left by your guest?  Cleaned. The sticky table covered with jam? Cleaned. Rubbish? Collected and not thrown outside the building. Is the terrible smell coming out of the sink? Fixed. The broken wine glass? Replaced. Your empty bank account? Flooding with cash, thanks to the amazing Airbnb reviews you will have. Trust us, your Airbnb guests will have the best experience possible. 


#3 Replenishing Amenities

One of the best things, when you book a hotel room, is that you’re sure nothing will be missing. You will find the toiletries in the bathroom, which you will steal in the end because they’re too cute. You will find the tea and coffee making facilities in the kitchen. You will find popcorn along with a welcome card. You will find a brand new toilet paper roll in the bathroom. You will feel hosted in the best way. This is exactly what we’re offering to your guests, the best hosting experience they’ll ever have.


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#4 Maintenance

If ever, one of our amazing Housekeepers finds something broken or that doesn’t work well, they will immediately call one of our amazing Maintenance Staff. Our Maintenance team is always available to intervene, whether it’s your guests that call them or the Housekeepers. They’re like real chameleons and can transform into a plumber, an electrician, a handyman, a bricklayer and even come to open a pot of jam. They know very tips and trick for maintenance


Interested in our Hotel-Style Cleaning? Becoming a host is quick and easy, simply click the button below and fill out your details to view your property’s earning potential!

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