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Sometimes hosts can be really creative and with a simple idea, they can really improve their flat offering a memorable stay to guests. Most of the time inspiration for these ideas come from the experience hosts have with guests. So, if you want to improve your Airbnb but you don’t know how to do it, read this article in which we have gathered many great ideas from the Airbnb host community.


Share your local culture
One of the biggest pleasure for travellers is to be in contact with the local culture and environment, from flavours to the main attractions in a city.
If you have an Airbnb in London, you can provide a real English breakfast for your guests in order to offer a typical British experience. In addition, the style of your flat can reflect a culture. If you don’t know which decorations you want for your London Airbnb, you could buy some British-style furniture!

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“Unusual” is irresistible
People always loved unusual ideas, because allow experiencing new things. For example, the following Airbnb host provides some Airbnb services to guests, but one of them is really intriguing. One year ago Giorgio started a book exchange with his guests. Every time a guest comes, the host gives a book in English, French, German, etc. as a gift. Most of the time, guests give him back another book that allowed to create a rich multilingual library for future clients.

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Elementary amenities can make a big change
Some elementary amenities can really make the difference between a bad and a good stay.
First aid kits, computer adaptors, hair dryers, etc. are small things that make a big impact. These amenities are really useful but usually, for some reasons, guests forget to take them. You’re making a favour by providing this service to guests!

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Kindness is the best amenity ever
When you express your love for your host activity through little acts, you are leaving a mark in the guest stay. A personalized welcome message, some homemade cookies near the coffee machine or near a teapot if you are in London. Unleash your imagination!

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You can start to improve your guest stay experience using these ideas, but there are more things to do in order to offer a perfect stay! Here at City Relay we can definitively improve your Airbnb. We provide Airbnb key exchange services, cleaning, cleaned and ironed bed sheet and towels, maintenance, guest support 24/7 and more! Becoming a host is quick and easy, simply click the button below and fill out your details to view your property’s earning potential!

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