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It won’t be news to anyone to hear that London rental rates are on a downward trajectory.  An unfortunate side effect of the pandemic. This might be a daunting prospect but not all is lost. Landlords can use this as an opportunity to make their properties more attractive to appeal to quality tenants.

Below we have compiled some helpful advice for you to ensure your property is achieving its full potential.

Kerb appeal

Research has found that a tenant makes a decision about a property within 10 seconds of seeing it, showing that first impressions really do count. Take some time to think about what improvements you can make to the exterior of your property. Are the doors and windows clean? Could the walls be repainted? Is the grass green and mowed? Could you invest in some potted plants? Take all of these things into consideration to give your property a new lease of life.

Stick to a neutral scheme

In order to appeal to as many potential tenants as possible, opt for a neutral theme throughout your property. Bold colours might be your personal preference but neutral colours, such as white, cream and grey, are always advised in a rental property.

You should also make sure your property gets a fresh lick of paint after every long term tenancy to reduce the risk of the walls looking tired and to remove any marks left behind on the walls.

Keep it clean

A lack of cleanliness can be enough to put any tenant off the property. Keep an eye on walls, floors and furniture to make sure there are no marks or questionable stains. You can also create a feeling of cleanliness by using air freshener and scented candles.

A picture is worth a thousand words

Before even viewing the property in person, the right picture can grab a tenant’s attention. Cameras on modern smartphones will usually give good quality pictures but we recommend using a digital camera instead. Take lots of pictures from different angles so that you can choose the best of the best to use for your listing and always make sure you get landscape shots.

City Relay can offer you five-star housekeeping services, as well as interior design services to ensure your property is attracting as many potential tenants as possible. We also have an in-house photographer who can ensure your beautiful property is photographed to show off all of its great features. To find out more about how we can create a bespoke management service for you, get in touch.


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