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Airbnb is cool, you can rent your flat while you’re away and make money! But if you’re renting your flat to robbers, Airbnb can become a nightmare! Look at these 5 tips to avoid the worst and enjoy renting your flat stress-free. 


#1 The Airbnb Host Guarantee is cool but not perfect

The Airbnb Host Guarantee provides protection for up to $1,000,000 to a host for damages. However, nothing is perfect and it doesn’t cover everything that might get robbed. First, the Airbnb Guarantee doesn’t include the financial hacks you can face. Then, it doesn’t cover the robbery of jewellery or rare artworks so don’t post it on your Instagram or you might end up like Kim Kardashian. Lastly, the Airbnb Guarantee won’t cover the damages done to your pet, even if your dog is really cute or your goldfish is a… goldfish? So read (and understand) the fine print and call your insurance agent and see if your insurance covers Airbnb robbery, otherwise ask him if he can take care of your goldfish.


#2 Better safe than sorry

You can either stock your precious belongings in a safety deposit box at your house or in a bank to avoid an Airbnb robbery. Most local banks offer them for free or a small fee. Please note that you can’t leave your goldfish in the safe. You can also invest in a wallet and keep your ID with you. When it comes to large items, you can use climate-secured storage like the ones offered by Boxman or Bystored.


#3 Stalk your guests like your ex-girlfriend

Review their profiles, ask for IDs, google them and even meet them face-to-face for the keys exchange. Due diligence is the best way to qualify for the Host Guarantee and make sure they seem trustful. You can cancel their stay if they say weird things like “Your goldfish seems tasty” or if you see them wearing Kim’s pieces of jewellery.


#4 Protect your mail 

If you don’t own a locking mailbox, your guest will have access to your personal mail and this can be dangerous. They can steal your identity, even if your life is boring and nobody wants to be you.  Fortunately, you just have to ask the Post Office to hold your mail while your guests are here. You can invest in a P.O. box if you plan on receiving a lot of guests. 


#5 Make sure everything is fine once your guests have left

Once your guests are gone and you feel like something is missing (like money in your bank account) you should check your credit reports. Make sure they are accurate and that your guests didn’t access anything personal. And don’t forget to check the goldfish bowl also.


Preventing an Airbnb robbery is too much stress? At City Relay we take care of everything for you! We make sure that your guests are trustful, we take a guarantee deposit and we ensure your flat from damages! Becoming a host is quick and easy, simply click the button below and fill out your details to view your property’s earning potential!

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