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Christmas is the time for gifts, incredibly delicious and plentiful foods. But Christmas can also be the time of the year when guests are at your home! Indeed, it’s a good way to pay out gifts for your family all the more since you’re spending Christmas at their house. Here are the facts on how to get the best reviews possible!

#1 Be Festive

Oh yes, you read it right. You think that putting your flat on Airbnb would mean avoiding spending hours on decorating a Christmas tree? Well, you’re not entirely right. It’s not mandatory, but trust us, everybody loves Christmas trees and having one in the living room will prove you care about the experience of the incoming families. If you’re not into Christmas trees, you can still opt for the Christmas socks or the kitschy wreaths. No need to put all of these at the same time and even if you love them, don’t forget to remove them after January, otherwise, you will have strange reviews…


#2 The Gift

You know what Christmas is about? Jesus Christ and Gifts. In this case, no need to put a big cross in your living room, but a few small gifts should have a big impact on your reviews. For example, a mug with a Londonian print or some chocolates with a Christmas Card wishing them a lovely stay would do just fine. You will earn an award for the best host ever and it will reflect on the review.

#3 Make your flat Christmas-ready

Christmas is also the time of the year when it’s very cold outside. In order to avoid any terrible review about ‘no heating/boiler not working/we were freezing during the whole stay/etc.’, make sure that the boiler works and that the flat is at ambient temperature. You can also leave blankets, candles and throws so that your flat look ready to tackle freezing temperatures which seem to be the norm nowadays in London… What is the go-to Christmas activity that everybody loves? Watching hours of Christmas movies, so don’t forget to leave your DVD’s this year for your guests to use! (or your Netflix passwords) !

#4 Adapt your House Manual

There are tons of things you can do in London during Christmas. So try to think about a winter attraction close to your neighborhood and it will be amazing for your guests. Also, don’t forget that most of the shops are closed during the bank holidays so try to mention the ones that are open. Lastly, don’t forget to add instructions on how the boiler works 🙂

Read our review on how to do the best House Manual.

#5 Dress like Santa Claus while checking-in your guests.

Ok, this one’s just an innocent joke, so don’t take it seriously, but try to be very welcoming and inviting when checking your guests in. Christmas is supposed to be the time of the year when everyone is happy, and who does not want happy guests?


Away for Christmas? We can take care of everything for you! Christmas is one of the best times of the year to short-let and you will easily be able to get more gifts for your family 😉

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