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Capucine is one of our Guest relations interns, she joined the City Relay team at the beginning of 2018. She shared with us her experience at City Relay and what it’s like to be an intern in the company.


Mariem: What’s your position in City Relay?

Capucine: I’m working in the guest relations team and I deal directly with our guests, taking care of the check-ins and check-outs either in the properties or at the reception desk.


Mariem: Why did you choose City Relay to do your internship?

Capucine: I had to do an internship during the 2nd year of my bachelor’s degree. I was looking for an internship in the real estate sector. I found my internship with City Relay through a recruiter When I spoke with Anna in HR, I really liked the position and the missions and I wanted to take the opportunity to enter a client facing role and learn to deal with stressful situations.


Mariem: What do you like the most working at City Relay?

Capucine: I really like working in a startup environment where all new ideas are welcomed even if they come from an intern. I’m coming from Paris so the fact City Relay is based in London is a real plus. I really appreciate the opportunity I have to speak English every day and I am able to improve my language skills as well as learn the vocabulary specific to the industry. I really love being able to speak to people from all around the world in my job.


Mariem: How was your first day at City Relay?

Capucine: The HR manager, Anna, introduced me to the company. Everyone was very welcoming, and it helped a lot as I was really stressed. In January there were a lot of check-ins so the phone was ringing every 5 minutes but over time it’s much easier and I feel more comfortable with my tasks. I was even the best seller in March!


Mariem: Can you tell us about your best day so far at City Relay?

Capucine: It was definitely my first day working at Reception Desk. I met the Reception Desk supervisor and some people from the operations team as they often pass by to the Reception Desk. It’s really nice to welcome the guests in person. It’s great to build a relationship with the guests in person as well as over the phone. I love seeing how excited they are about their stay with us, I’m always happy to share my favourites places in London with them.


Mariem: How would you describe the City Relay team?

Capucine: Really warm, welcoming and international! We have colleagues from all around the world and I find that amazing! The Guest team and the Reservations team work closely together and we help each other whether we’re facing difficulties or having great successes. There is a strong team spirit at City Relay! We have monthly drinks which bring the whole team from across the 3 offices together, it’s a good way to learn about the company as a whole and get to know the full team better.


Mariem: What’s like to be an intern at City Relay?

Capucine: When I started, I was really nervous and worried but the team is so welcoming that you fit in really quickly and easily. I’m not treated like an intern in the sense that I have responsibilities, I can be independent and autonomous. I’m trusted by my managers and my opinion is valued. When new interns arrive in the company I get to train them, it’s really rewarding.


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