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Airbnb gives guests the insight on where they stay and try to help hosts to decide who to welcome into their property. Airbnb is an online travel agent and has an algorithm which decides the rankings of how the properties appear in the search. Here are 7 factors that will affect your properties listing visibility on Airbnb.

#1 Number of reviews

There is a strong correlation between the number of Airbnb reviews and occupancy rates. The number of reviews definitely helps to increase the property’s occupancy rates! The more reviews that your property has, the higher it is likely to rank due to it being deemed ‘relevant’ by Airbnb.  This can lead to higher occupancy rates and ultimately a stronger possibility of a higher income!

#2 Quality of reviews

Whilst the number of reviews is important, so is the quality of them… It is important that you have great high-quality reviews if you want to appear on the first page of Airbnb listings!

Guest reviews affect your listing’s visibility more than your price per night or minimum stay. As more and more properties are being listed and the competition heats up there is a strong possibility that the quality of the guest reviews may decrease, so keep an eye out!


#3 Pricing

One factor that determines your listing’s visibility is your pricing. Airbnb first recommends the listings at lower prices to the guests by using a search algorithm. Ultimately, Airbnb is much more likely to promote properties that are more in line with their recommended price.

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#4 Listing Information

On the first page of Airbnb, the average word count of each listing’s description is around 500… As the number of listings increase, the word count for each listing decreases. Make sure you have a good description of both your property and the local area. Give a full list of all of the amenities provided in your property so that the guests have a clear idea of what to expect. ! Response rates are also vital  (City Relay has a response rate of 99%!!) It shows how reliable you are and builds a level of trust with potential guests.

#5 Minimum stay

The average minimum stay for listings on the first page of Airbnb is 3 nights. The further down the listings you get, the longer the minimum stay length becomes..g. In order to be more profitable, why not set a 2 to 3-night minimum stay and allow 1 night between 2 bookings.

#6 Calendar updates

Airbnb allows you to set a different price for any given day. In order to maximize your revenue, you must take advantage of this flexibility! Change your price per night according to the seasonality: put prices up in the summer and over bank holidays and down throughout winter as demand levels are lower.


#7 Instant book

Airbnb has a function that allows guest to book with a just one click. This system is valuable for you if you want to increase your occupancy rates. More bookings provide more opportunities to earn great reviews! Don’t be afraid to send your guest a message after their stay to ask them to leave a review… In addition, the instant booking function will improve your listing’s ranking as Airbnb ranks the properties that are the simplest to book.


Becoming a host is quick and easy, simply click the button below and fill out your details to view your property’s earning potential!

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