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Kirsty joined the City Relay team in February 2018 as the Reservation and Revenue Manager. She took a moment to tell us about her story and her experiences at City Relay. 

Ariane: Can you tell us more about your background?

Kirsty: I am originally from Malta. I chose to study Tourism and Hospitality Management and our school encouraged us to do part-time internships to have both theoretical and practical skills. I joined Hilton Malta in 2010 and ended up staying there for 7 and half years! I started in the Front Office and then I had the opportunity to evolve within the company.


Ariane: So how did you end up becoming a Reservation Manager?

Kirsty: When I was working at Hilton Malta, I saw a job in the reservations department. I was interested in this subject so I figured I would give it a go! Fortunately, I was able to enter the department whilst continuing to work part-time. I then managed to climb the ladder to Reservations Team Leader in addition to becoming Interim Revenue Manager.


Ariane: How did you discover City Relay?

Kirsty: It was a real coincidence! Although I had an amazing professional experience at Hilton, Malta can be a bit small when you are looking for new challenges. I started looking for an opportunity related to hospitality and tourism, but not a proper hotel because I thought I had sufficient experience in this sector and I wanted a new challenge. The vacation rental was starting to boom. So when I saw City Relay job post, I was really eager to apply.


Ariane: What drove your decision to join the team?

Kirsty: Firstly, I was really interested in developing my knowledge of this sector. The experience when I came for the interview was great! I still remember that when I was waiting for the interview, I was sitting near the water fountain and Mariem welcomed me with such a kind smile! It seemed like a fun and buzzing environment.


Ariane: What was your first impression when you started?

Kirsty: I really loved how everyone works together. Everyone is just here to help each other and I really appreciated it because even if I had a good knowledge of reservations and revenue management, the vacation rental industry was completely new to me. It really felt like one big family which make me feel very comfortable!


Ariane: 3 words to describe the atmosphere in City Relay?

Kirsty: Fun, dynamic and positive!


Ariane: Outside of the workplace, what is your ideal day like? Any hobbies?

Kirsty: A good day for me could mean many different things, there isn’t only one ideal day! If I had to choose though I have 2 that are top of my list! It could be either staying at home and cooking new recipes because I really enjoy cooking, or walking in the park and having a nice lunch with a good bottle of wine.


Ariane: What is your morning ritual to start the day with good energy?

Kirsty: First when I wake up I need 5 minutes of silence! I like to have a peaceful morning before facing the busy atmosphere of the workplace. Usually, I prepare a thermos of coffee to drink on the train.


Ariane: According to you, what is the main quality needed to work in reservations and revenue?

Kirsty: As a manager, I would say that the main qualities are being very attentive to detail and business-oriented. I also look for this in the interns that we recruit in the company.


Ariane: So what do you expect from your interns?

A passion for hospitality goes a long way. Unless you are passionate about hospitality, there is no way you can work in this industry! I also look for people who are eager to learn. I pay attention to what questions they ask in an interview for instance. Finally, a bubbly personality is a huge plus!


Ariane: If you could be an animal, which one would you be?

I would choose my favourite: a horse. I am fascinated by the way horses move, they are powerful and elegant. They remind me of my grandfather, who used to take care of his friend’s horse and I really enjoyed it as a child.


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