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For guests, the location of your flat is everything when visiting London. Being in the know about where they’re going to stay is as essential as booking the right flat in London. As a host, you are their key reference when they first arrive, so here’s what they want to know about your London flat location. 


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Love your London neighbourhood
If you love something, it’s easier to explain to others why you love it. Same goes for your neighbourhood in London. Once you are in love with your area, come up with as many reasons as you can to explain why you love it so dearly. It is only when you deeply express your love that you can then go on to attract many a guest. Travelers get excited when they stay in a popular area, close to local attractions and other points of interests. The most well-known areas, as we know them, would be Kensington, Westminster and Chelsea. They would want to stay close to local restaurants and strong transportation links. The more, the better. Sometimes, though, guests do prefer to stay in remote areas, therefore, don’t worry if your flat is far from the city centre!

Suggestions, suggestions, suggestions
It is important to realise that most guests are first-time tourists in London. As such, they have no idea of location in the city, therefore you will be able to assist them with simple tricks in order to enhance their experience. For example, you could draw up a list of some good restaurants around your flat location, as well as provide local transport information to points of interests nearby.
N.B. Personal experiences are really appreciated. Don’t forget to recommend some activities that you usually do and places you like to visit!

Outdoors is important
It is essential to understand that your London flat location is all about the surroundings and the outdoors. If your flat has a garden, guests will appreciate that. If not, don’t worry. Surely there’s a stunning park close to the flat or a secluded quiet garden in the city which will be appreciated by the guests: include a few photos of such a location and your listing will stand out to the guests!
Even a small balcony should be an unexpected surprise: with a table and two chairs, you could create an immersing space in your property that adds to the character of your listing.

Guests are anxious at their arrival.  They want to know every bit of key information you can provide, such as address of the property, point of collection for keys, local weather, dining and transport information, nearby local points of attraction and so on. For this reason, they will always have a lot of questions for you before and during the stay, so be prepared!


To offer a great experience for your guests in your London flat location, you will have to have an intricate understanding of vacation rentals. Managing your Airbnb is not straightforward, and requires a lot of experience to do it right. This includes finding the right sort of guests who fit the character of your listing. At CityRelay, we can help you by taking care of your guests 24/7; by providing check-in, check-out, cleanings and provide information about the locality. Management and maintenance of your property will no longer be a hassle.  Becoming a host is quick and easy, simply click the button below and fill out your details to view your property’s earning potential!

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