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If you’ve been hosting for a few years, you know that the best reviews are written for homelike houses. And if you are just starting, you’ll have to trust us on that: the best way to have happy guests is to make them feel at home. Here are a few tips on how to make your house a home for your Airbnb guests. Make them believe they brought there home on vacation!

Wi-Fi is not negotiable


It may seem easy, but the best way to make guests feel like they are at home is Wi-Fi. For a home to be a home, internet-access has become essential. But Wi-Fi is the trickiest of all : you’ll never win a guest with Wi-Fi, but you’ll certainly loose him without it!

Thus, before leaving your home, make sure Wi-Fi works. And if you know yours tend to be temperamental, always notify your guests, and maybe even write down easy instructions on how to proceed in case of a problem. And in any case, put the logins at the very top of your house manual, in a large typeface: you will win a few points. Your guests might not realise it, but having to look for it might remind them it’s nice when everything is already done!

Have an instagrammable home

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Did you post perfect photos on your Airbnb profile? Make sure they don’t lie! Your guests may be here on vacation, and in any case, they will love to bribe about the beautiful two bedrooms he rented.

If you had flowers on the dining table, your guests will want to find some. If your bedroom felt warm and cosy, make sure your guests don’t get homesick. If your living room was full of colourful cushions, don’t take them away. In your interest, make sure your place is Instagram material. Your guests will love to make their friends jealous, and you will be glad to not let them miss such an opportunity!

Write down a must-list


Your guests are probably here for a few days and have already spotted the must and have to, but they will always enjoy your advices. Leave a short list of your must: as an inhabitant, you will provide more inside than any tour guide. What is your favourite restaurant? What is the best shop in the area? What unknown museum should they go to? They might not use it, but be sure they will appreciate it!

And if you are in a writing-list-mood, having emergencies number ready for them might also make a difference: in case of trouble, they will definitely enjoy not panicking just to found out who to call, or where to go. For instance, noting down the closest police station might fill in with joy your guest whose phone has just been stolen on Oxford Street.

Propose more than  just the usual stuff


Your guests are starting to enjoy your home: they have easy Wi-Fi access, the reality is better than their expectations and you gave them a list of everything their guide didn’t provide.

Now the icing on the cake: entertain them! You don’t have to build a pull or a home cinema, but we can assure you your guests won’t forget the DVDs you left for them to watch or the macarons they found in the kitchen. A little bit more than the usual absolutely make the difference!


Here, you have everything you need to make your Airbnb guest feels like at home! If you feel that may be a challenge, let us give you a hand! Becoming a host is quick and easy, simply click the button below and fill out your details to view your property’s earning potential!

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