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Spring is the perfect time to refresh your home and Airbnb profile to kickstart bookings for the coming seasons. From small refurbishments to full scale deep cleans, give your home a brand new look. Here are some of our best tips as to what you should do when preparing for Spring.


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Receiving pre-season reviews

The most important thing to have on your Airbnb profile before you enter the vacation season is excellent reviews. You should be starting to build up a good “fan base” during the year. Having outstanding reviews will bring your profile to the top of the search engine, meaning more viewers and hopefully more bookings.

If you have these reviews before you start short-letting in the Spring season and beyond, it will give your Airbnb that added credibility, which will encourage people to book a stay. We have a lot of articles on our blog that will provide you with a great list of tips on how to get better reviews and become a SuperHost, check them out!


Make your profile stand out.

Your properties profile should shine from the start. However, on occasions, it’s necessary to update your photography and description to refresh your Airbnb’s look. This should be especially completed after an update to your home e.g new paint color, room reorder etc., in order to give your guests a perfect idea of what your Airbnb looks like and no unexpected surprises on arrival.

Your properties description should constantly be changing and improving, by learning from guests on what made them book your home or what would make it better. This could be adding in factors which you may not have initially recognized such as mentioning a lift in the building if your apartment is on the top floor, or factors which add ease to a guests stay such as a recently purchased a dishwasher.

If your property is not receiving as many profile views as you would like, possibly pay attention to the headline, and give it an all-new refresh. This is the first thing people see when searching for an apartment and it must be able to influence potential guests to read more about your home. Using enthusiastic and action descriptive words can turn a boring apartment into an attractive one. Once again, we have articles for that!


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Refresh your property

Home maintenance is an essential part of improving your Airbnb potential. Paying attention to your guests’ reviews and feedback could provide action points to take your property in the right direction. By making your home more welcoming and comfortable, by focusing on the important details, your guests will have a better stay and leave better recommendations. 

For spring, adding some plants or flowers in a pot (as cut flowers might die quite fast and not look good as long) might also be a nice touch to keep your property up to date and give it a fresh feel.


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