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The move towards digitising services and smart technology is unavoidable and it’s here to stay. As the world goes digital, landlords should take advantage of the plentiful opportunities to jump on board with technology that would make looking after their properties easier.

We’ve compiled a list of technologies that we think you can start benefiting from today.

Smart home devices

With the smart home market expected to rise from a valuation of USD 79.13 billion in 2020 to USD 313.95 billion in 2026, now is the time to make the switch to smart devices if you haven’t already.

Smart home devices include smart light bulbs, which might be a pricier to buy than the regular light bulb but over time, they could end up saving you money by both having a longer lifespan and consuming less power than the regular light bulb. There are also smart doorbells, smart speakers, smart locks and even smart fridges, to name but a few devices that will make your property easier to manage and more attractive to your tenants.

Smart meters

Smart meters are an excellent energy-saving tool which reduce the need for a physical gas and electric meter reading. If being able to control the heating through your smartphone wasn’t enough, smart meters can also detect when the heating needs to be on.

Smart smoke detectors

Safety always comes first and this is especially true with rental properties. While regular smoke detectors do the job in alerting tenants of any fire hazards while they are in the property, it can be equally as important for landlords to know of any potential fire hazards when the property is empty. The smart smoke detector will send an alert to your smartphone immediately, allowing you to take action remotely.

Online property management platforms

Fully managed, end-to-end property management companies with digital platforms can provide landlords with a lot more than the traditional individual property manager. Whether it’s booking a maintenance visit or tracking your properties’ performance, there is no doubt that being able to do this all online is far more efficient than contacting the company every time.

City Relay’s bespoke, industry-leading technology platform, DRIVE, has been designed with landlords at the forefront of our mind, delivering better visibility of your performance and automating tasks to drive great service for you and your tenants. This unique platform has been built in-house with the purpose of saving you time and money by reducing administration and centralising information.

DRIVE is packed with exciting features, including:

  • Property database – all of your property information in one place
  • Live schedule tracker – total visibility of daily activities in your properties
  • Document repository – see all your documents in one place, as well as live tracking of all certificates
  • Calendar – shows all bookings and detailed calculations of your financials
  • Analytics – allows you to see your property performance and create your own dashboard with bespoke reports

To find out more about how DRIVE can benefit you, please get in touch with us.


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