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When renting their properties, many hosts are left with the question: should I do the check-in in person or leave the keys in a lockbox at the property? While the later may save you time, we recommend that all guests be met before handing over the keys to your property. Here are a few reasons why you should always check-in your Airbnb guests!


Airbnb check in


A warm welcome

There is nothing better than having a friendly face welcoming you in person. Keep in mind that your guests may have had problems or difficulties with arriving and you can ease their worries immediately. Not only will it make their day, but it might also get you a better review afterward. Besides, it is the opportunity for you to explain how certain applications work such as a TV, heating or safety features. Additionally, you may be able to learn more about them, which may help create a warmer atmosphere for their stay. In the end, this short time spent with your guests will make the stay easier for all of you.


Ensure more security

Meeting your guests in person for the check-in will give you more protection. Firstly, it enables you to see who is staying in your property and you can initially profile them. You can express specific rules verbally to give you absolute peace of mind they will respect your property. Finally, having the keys in your hand, rather than in a lockbox, limits the possibility of this being comprised by someone other than your guests.


Improve guest experience rating

As mentioned previously, doing the check-in in person will allow you to create a personal connection with the guests. Creating a positive contact with them will help you improve your guest experience rating, as they are more likely to let one or two small issues slide that would otherwise be mentioned. Typically, your guests will also be more likely to return to your property as they know or are familiar with the host whose home it is.


Check-ins with City Relay

At City Relay, we understand the importance of guest relations. We are the only property management company in London with Reception Spaces, located in Earl’s Court and Shepherd’s Bush, and others will soon open elsewhere in the city. We use our reception space to provide a friendly face to key collection and also grant visitors the flexibility to enjoy London by enabling them to drop their luggage in a safe location. It is also an excellent place for us to handle any complaints guests may have, rather than a bad review being left without us trying to offer a solution. Alternatively, if the guest would rather we provide check-ins in person directly at the property.


Although meeting your guests at check-in is crucial, we know it might still be difficult or even impossible if you are away or have other commitments. If you would like more information on how City Relay can help manage your check-in process, get in touch! Becoming a host is quick and easy, simply click the button below and fill out your details to view your property’s earning potential!

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