How to screen your Airbnb guests

How to screen your Airbnb guests

When you host on Airbnb, the main concern is clearly the guests: will they take of your home? Should you trust them? If you don’t, don’t worry: you are not the only one! But you can’t be paranoid, or there is no need to try this adventure. What you can do, on the other hand, is screen your Airbnb guests. Will you dare? Follow us!


#1 Make a perfect-guest list

Before screening your guests, you need to know what you are looking for. What type of person would you be comfortable to host? What type of person would you trust with your home? Then you need to decide what kind of Airbnb will represent your ideal guest: number of reviews, quality of reviews,…

#2 Study their profiles

When you receive an inquiry, go to their profile and study it. The more the profile is complete, the more the guest is serious about Airbnb. On the other hand, an empty profile without any photos is not good news. Having an email address and a phone number is also a good start, but check the ID Verified option. This Airbnb feature links the guest to a physical address of a security number, and it’s really reassuring!

#3 Go to their Social Media account

Today, Airbnb is linked to Facebook, Google+, and even LinkedIn. You can now screen your guests on Social Media, and this will make them way more real! You’ll feel way more comfortable trusting your potential guest’s identity.

#4 Read their reviews

Reading reviews on Airbnb is basic! Past hosts might reveal crucial information about your potential guests, as they don’t change overnight. Reviews are your best weapon to discover bad and good guests! However do not trust all hosts, and go check what the guest has said about them to!

#5 Call them

The best way to screen your potential guests is still to talk to them over the phone. Why are they coming, is this their first time, how many people will they be, do they smoke,…? You’ll be able to check the information you found before, and also to know if they will respect your house rules. Though don’t forget there are some questions you can’t ask if it violates federal, state, and local anti-discrimination housing laws.

#6 Don’t forget

– To check where they come from: an in-town young guest might often mean party;

– To pay intention to the questions they are asking: too many questions about surveillance and neighbourhood presence can be a bad sign;

– That potential guests can refuse to respond to your questions: you’ll have to decide what to do with that;

– Those guests trying to contact you outside of Airbnb are in general bad news.

Here, you are ready to host! Screening potential guest is not a bad thing. It can avoid your problems. Just don’t be paranoid, and don’t have too many criteria. If you do a short-term rental might not be made for you. We know it might seem to be a lot of work. Hosting is hard. That’s why we created City Relay, your local reception desk that will manage your short-term rentals so you don’t have to!

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