Must have apps for Airbnb hosts

Must have apps for Airbnb hosts

When you list your flat on Airbnb, it’s Levitra UK sales price useful to download the official Airbnb app on your smartphone. This software gives to hosts some great tools to easily manage their flat like, for example, the possibility to quickly get in touch with guests. This app is great but not perfect. In fact, you can’t manage some aspects and details necessaries in order to create a profitable Ad. That’s the reason why we chose some great apps perfect for hosts on Airbnb.

Houzz – free

Furniture is one of the most important parts of a flat. It creates the most attractive aspect for guests: the atmosphere. With Houzz you have access to several design ideas. Every object you see in the app is listed with a recommended price. So you can monitor your budget easily if you want to buy something to improve your flat! Once you have the right idea, ask the Houzz community. Post a design dilemma on the app discussion boards to get input from professionals and other homeowners.


houzz app for airbnb hosts

Google Street View – free

It’s likely that you used this popular Google service at least one time. Have a window on your desk that allows you to see the world at 360 degrees is great! But maybe you don’t know that with the app you can also create, not only see 360 degrees pictures. Take professional photos of your flat, a really important aspect of your Ad, it could be very difficult if you don’t have a professional camera with professional lens. But don’t worry! With Google Street View app installed on your smartphone, you can easily shot stunning high quality 360 degrees pictures compatible with Airbnb. Your guest will love them!

google street view app for airbnb hosts

Nearify – free

Get new guests is important but well welcoming them and take care of every need they have during their stay is fundamental. You’ll have more chances to see them again. In order to do this, with some simple tricks you have the possibility to become an Airbnb Master in hospitality!

You can start here: install Nearify on your smartphone. With this app, ou can discover all amazing events surrounding your flat. What better way for guests to start vacations with a concert?


nearify app for airbnb hosts

What are you waiting for? Download these apps and improve your reputation on Airbnb, it’s important in order to get many bookings!

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