How to Become an Award-Winning Rental Property with Back-to-Back Bookings


Joseph is the owner of an award-winning property in Central London. Recently, his property was chosen as one of the outstanding properties of the 2024 Traveller Review Awards. This accolade was given to properties that provided exceptional guest experiences while maintaining the highest quality standard. With this recognition, Joseph’s property enjoyed back-to-back bookings that significantly increased his rental revenue.

Find out how he was able to achieve this incredible feat despite living 10 hours away from his rental property.



How does one manage a rental property remotely? This is what Joseph struggled with when he acquired his rental property.

“I live very far away from London, with a 10-hour difference. This meant that I could not deal with guest complaints. For example, sometimes a guest misunderstands the instructions on how to pick up the key out of hours, and the concierge of the building ends up calling me in the middle of the night as they don’t know either.”


Although Joseph only had one rental property at that time, he found it challenging to manage guest interactions, complaints and turnovers. The late-night calls, guest complaints and key turnovers were only a few of the things that held back his property. It compromised guest satisfaction levels which in turn threatened the occupancy rates of his short let.



Joseph realised that he needed someone to manage guests on the property because he believed that good management leads to good reviews, more booking schedules and minimal vacancy periods. He looked for a company that excelled in property management and guest relations.

Enter City Relay.

City Relay’s expertise in short-term rental management came as a welcome relief for Joseph. The company had a great reputation in property management and positive guest relations. The company’s high trust rating worked in favour of Joseph because it gave his property a boost in reputation by association.

When they started the partnership, City Relay focused on maintaining a good relationship with guests. The company took over all the issues that Joseph struggled with and maintained communication and transparency with him. They used a smart proprietary platform equipped with dynamic pricing tools that maximise occupancy and rental income. The same technology is also used to update Joseph so he can monitor the performance of his rental property.

“They made the management of my apartment a seamless experience for me. They also use an online system that strikes a good balance between demand and price of booking, thus maximising the amount of bookings per month… I essentially only see the cash flow at the end of the month, without the headache of managing the property.”




The partnership between City Relay and Joseph led to incredible wins:

  • Average of 5-6 bookings per month 
  • Consistent 5-star reviews
  • Recipient of a 2024 Traveller Review Awards



“City Relay will free up a lot of your time that would normally go into managing a property. This is especially important for short-term lets where the turnover is high, and if they are not living close to the property, which is the case with me. [Their] services to highlight include dealing with all aspects of managing a property in a timely manner, leaving the guests satisfied and using technology to maximise occupancy, at the best possible rate.”



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