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With short-term rentals, you really need to create an appealing place. As a result, photos would look better and this will bring more bookings and review will be positive and this will bring as well more bookings… A few simple interior design changes can make a spectacular difference. This is why you really need to have a look into these 5 cost-efficient solutions to turn your flat into a cosy and warm Airbnb Flat:  


#1 Dress up your room with rugs, curtains, and pillows 

Your guests are seeking a cosier and warmer atmosphere than a hotel. A very efficient way to please them is by adding a rug in the living room, nice curtains and pillows on the couch. Your room will be comfier and your guests will have the feeling to be at home. Moreover, it enables you to add some colours to the room, without investing in breakable decorative items. 

pillow 4


#2 Don’ forget your walls

You might think empty walls will look neat, but it will most likely create a sterile and impersonal atmosphere within your room. To prevent that, you could add nice landscape picture, artworks, posters, mirrors, a clock… Anything which will boost your decoration and make your walls perkier! 

photo sur mur


#3 Add a cultural touch

Everyone enjoys coming back home and read a book, listen to a CD, contemplate a nice piece of art. Somehow these cultural items are associated with the feeling of comfort and peace. For sure your guests will appreciate the presence of a library, a painting, a statute… 

culture 2


#4 Go for bright colours 

Colours are a key element for a flat. Despite the white linen, you should add cheerful colours to brighten your flat. For example, go for flashy pillows and carpet! Favour bright colours which will light up your flat such as yellow, orange, red. Blue is also an excellent choice as it is the colour the most appreciate in the world! Avoid too much beige or brown, they will make your furniture look older than what they really are. 

York St 10


#5 Lighten your flat

Last but not least, don’t leave your guests in the dark! Light is very important to make a room cosy and warm. Put two bedside lamps in the bedroom, on each side of the bed. Make sure there is also enough light in the living room, otherwise, add some lamps close to the couch so your guests can enjoy their reading until late in the evening. You can also add candles, they may appreciate a more intimate atmosphere and it is also a nice decorative item!

Discover more interior design tips on the blog “ The 10 Commandments of Decorating your Rental” 

Light living room



At City Relay we understand that picking the appropriate items for your guests and preparing your flat can be too time-consuming! Don’t worry we can take care of everything. Our design team will select the proper furniture for your flat and our hotel trained cleaning team will make your flat guests-ready! We will provide you linen, towels and a welcome pack with toiletries products, tea and coffee so you won’t have to worry about anything! Becoming a host is quick and easy, simply click the button below and fill out your details to view your property’s earning potential!

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