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Don’t expect your guests to bring their own furniture, it’s not easy to put a sofa bed in a suitcase. When furnishing your London property, you should consider two types of furniture: the practical one and the stylish one. However, you should also consider your wallet and time spent.


#1 Functional Furniture

These are the pieces of furniture you use on a daily basis. Every guest is different and has different needs. If you consider hosting business travellers, for instance, you should have a wide desk and a comfy bed or a basket if you plan to host dogs. These functional types of furniture should be resistant and not too expensive because they are going to be used a lot and you might want to replace them. Your place should look like it is made for your guest, so if your mum asks why did you get a new dog, just say it’s for your guests… However, I don’t recommend to host doggies… 

Want to make your place business-traveller-ready? Check out our blog post about this:

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#2 Stylish Furniture

Even if you have a wide desk or dog basket, you won’t have any booking if your place doesn’t have any personality. Swag is the main reason why you can increase your pricing. If your guests feel like their spending their holidays in Madonna’s flat, they will surely accept to pay more. So this is where you need to be sneaky and spend your money on good-looking furniture. No need to buy a Warhol, but just colourful cushions, paintings, posters, premium carpet, and flowers. However, in this case, you should invest in quality, because with the endless back and forth of your guests, you don’t want your house to look cheap.

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living room

#3 Time and money

The cost spent on furniture should be smoothed out by your pricing and the availability of your flat. If you’re only planning on short-letting your flat the weekends, do spend more money on the stylish pieces of furniture. If you just bought a new flat that is completely empty, spend more time and money on functional pieces that can rely on over time.


Furnishing your flat is too much of a hassle? Send us an email! Our Interior Design Team will be delighted to come to your flat and assess your needs personally then take care of the rest. City Relay definitively makes Airbnb easy and becoming a host is quick and simple, just click the button below and fill out your details to view your property’s earning potential!

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