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Filling in your Airbnb calendar during the winter season in London might be complicated. However, there are plenty of ways to help you get more bookings during the low season. The secret is to think creatively and to focus on the needs of your guests.



#1 Implement a competitive pricing strategy

Being competitive is key to the success of your property and even more so during the low winter season. Your price needs to be much lower than during the high season. With a good pricing strategy, you can expect a far higher occupancy rate. You need to be competitive during the low season in order to have a good booking rate.

#2 Analyze your results

You have access to many results about the best days to leave (banking holidays, long weekends and calendar events such as Valentine’s day…). This is relevant information because it can also help you to see when you have more bookings including which period of the year, which day of the week etc. This could be very helpful since it highlights the best period to rent your property and at what price. Thanks to these statistics, you will know when to plan your holidays in order to maximise your income.                                                          

#3 Make weekdays attractive

Weekend bookings are far more attractive to clients however you may have more difficulties during the rest of the week. A good technique would be to introduce an offer such as ‘stay longer and save’ ie. 15% off 3-night bookings.

#4 Reduce the minimum duration of your stays

In high season, you can afford to have less flexibility regarding the minimum length of stays. Indeed, it is now common to have bookings for a full week during the high season peaks. However, in winter time people are more likely to come for 1 or 2 days only. Hence it is important in low season to be more flexible. It will prevent you from having gaps in your calendar.

#5 Make your flat attractive

Try having a larger portfolio of photography. These photographs can show the property throughout the year and will be more representative of what a guest can expect from their stay. Why not try photos for the winter time, where your flat will look warm and cosy and others for summertime, colourful etc. It is important to rework the presentation of your ad/pictures by adapting it to the new colours of the coming seasons (autumn, winter …). An example? If you have a spa, an indoor pool or a large living room with fireplace, show it in your ad. Also, adjust the whole listing for winter by putting extra blankets, heatings, etc. Need inspiration? Check our 5 ways to turn your flat into a perfect nest

#6 Contact previous guests

Contacting the previous guests is easy as you already have a communication path with them. Why not tell them about your best offers of the moment! This is faster, less costly and more efficient than trying to look for new customers who don’t know the flat nor the area. Having good relationship with your previous guests can make them more likely to repeat their booking.



To survive winter season you need to be prepared for it: get creative, and be willing to make a few adjustments to your website and marketing efforts. Your efforts will surely pay off: some homeowners achieve more than 45% of their turnover in the late season… With City Relay you don’t need to take care of winter time, we organize everything for you. Becoming a host is quick and easy, simply click the button below and fill out your details to view your property’s earning potential!

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