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10 essential items to provide to your Airbnb guests

Written by City Relay

Whether you want to pamper your guests with local food and a bottle of wine or not is up to you. However, your guests will expect some items to be in your flat. Otherwise, they might be disappointed and you will end up with bad reviews. Based on our experience in the short term rental field, we made this 10 items list which will enable you to please your guests! 


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#1 Toiletry products

Shampoos, soaps, conditioner and toothpaste are considered as ” the essentials” by Airbnb. And they really are! Imagine a guest arriving after a twelve-hour flight and not being able to shower because there’s no soap! These small expenses will for sure be appreciated by your guests. Make sure there is still enough soap and shampoo between guests. 


#2 Linen & Towels

Obviously, your guests won’t arrive with their own linen and one out of two will have forgot its towel. Make sure that when they arrive they will find a clean set of linen and towels of different sizes. Don’t put them at the bottom of your cupboard, they don’t want to play at hiding and seek with your linen! 


#3 Coffee, tea, salt & pepper

Guests won’t accept a fridge full of food, however, they will probably want to enjoy a cup of tea or coffee when they arrive. Think about late guests who won’t have time to go shopping, they will be very pleased to still be able to enjoy a hot drink in the morning. 



#4 Pan & toaster

These basic cooking utensils are expected in a kitchen. One of the main assets of renting an Airbnb is to feel like home and to be able to cook his own meals, so make sure your guests will be able to do so. 


#5 Iron & Ironing board

For sure you will have guests who will come for a business purpose, or who will have their clothes all creased after the stay in their suitcase. They will really appreciate the possibility to iron their clothes at your place! You might not consider this as essential but it will please them. 


#6 Hairdryer

Most of the persons won’t take their hair dryer with them while travelling. Even though you may not use one think about your female guests who will be very happy to find one! 

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#7 Washing Machine

It is most likely that you already have your machine washing, but make sure that it is still working well. There is nothing more annoying than having to spend time during his holidays at the laundromat. 


#8 Wifi ( with the Wifi code!)

Nowadays, Wifi is mandatory in a flat if you want to attract guests. Make sure your Wifi account is paid, and that you left a visible note with the wifi code to your guests! 


#9 Cleaning products & toilet paper

Leave washing products such a washing-up liquid, sponges, a vacuum, a mop. This investment is for your own good, you want your guests to be able to clean when they made a stain! Most of your guests will want to give you back a clean flat, so let them do! In the daily products category, don’t forget the toilet papers. Make sure you put more than the quantity required for they stay, they will appreciate it. 

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#10 A guide to the neighbourhood

This little touch will really please your guests! Most of them rent Airbnb because they are eager to ” live like a local”, for sure they will be delighted to hear about your local grocery, coffee or restaurant. It’s also an excellent way to develop good relationships with your local merchants! 


Willing to please your guests with all these items but not finding the time to take care of it? Don’t worry! At City Relay we can help you prepare your flat and make it guest-ready! Just sit down, relax, and enjoy the increasing number of good reviews and bookings! Becoming a host is quick and easy, simply click the button below and fill out your details to view your property’s earning potential!

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