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4 easy ways to please your Airbnb guests

Written by City Relay

Your guests’ satisfaction is very important to get good reviews and make your listing more attractive. But don’t worry you don’t need to turn your flat into a 5-star hotel to please your guests! There are very easy and cheap ways to surprise and delight them:


living room airbnb


#1 Leave a welcome note

If you can’t meet and greet your guests yourself, think about leaving a welcome note wishing a nice and pleasant stay to your guests. It’s a nice touch and a way to create a bond with them, to show that you care about their stay even though you are not physically present. 


#2 Recommend your favourite places in the neighbourhood 

Your guests rent an Airbnb because they want their touristic experience to be as authentic as possible, hence they will appreciate some local tips regarding the neighbourhood! For example, you can recommend a good grocery or food market, as well as your favourite restaurant and bar in the area. For you, it may seem obvious and irrelevant, but it is information they won’t have in their tourist guide and that they might not find by themselves.

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#3  Prepare a welcome package

Leave a welcome package in the living room or kitchen with basic products such as tea, coffee, chocolate, a bottle of wine, candles, soap, etc for sure your guests will appreciate the gesture! They will be touched by this extra attention and will be more inclined to leave a good review at the end of their stay.


#4 Don’t forget to provide useful information regarding your flat

Leave a note addressed to your guests with your WIFI code, where they can find extra bulbs, extra towels for example or emergency numbers if they face an issue. Also, if you have an issue with one of your amenities, let them know in your note. Guests don’t want to struggle to find your pan, towels, WIFI code, etc… Make their stay as smooth as possible, for sure they will be more indulgent when marking you, even if everything was not perfect in your flat.

living room airbnb


Overwhelmed with work and struggling to find time to please your guests with small attention? Don’t worry! At City Relay we can take care of your check-ins and make your flat guest ready! Our dedicated Guests team will meet and greet your guests and make sure everything goes smoothly! Thanks to our premium Airbnb services you will receive good reviews and attract more and more guests, it’s a virtuous circle! Becoming a host is quick and easy, simply click the button below and fill out your details to view your property’s earning potential!



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